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    Making money online

    You could try remotasks. There is a steep learning curve so you will have to put some effort.
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    ISO images from torrent sites

    Download power iso
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    Paypal login issues

    This happened to me too. I had to buy an airtel line and buy international bundle (*767#). For 100 bob u get 50 minutes. PayPal kept me on hold for about twenty minutes but luckily the issue was resolved.
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    Using your laptop plugged-in all the time

    You have your answer from your own personal experience. Anyway umezoea kutumia ikiwa plugged in so haitakuwa big deal kwako.
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    I am new member welcome me please

    Kama huwezi share hapa ati lazima ufuatwe whatsapp uko wrong forum. Kufuatwa whatsapp sahau
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    Unlocking modem ZTE MF667
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    As from 2015 failure to file returns attracts a penalty. In 2015 penalty was 1k, but nowadays the penalty is 20k. To file for 2018, the system will first prompt you to file for the years you had missed after which a penalty will be calculated for each year you failed to file.
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    Dell Inspiron 15 3567

    I had an inspiron 14 that was lightweight and had a 7 hours battery but the thing literally broke apart within two years. I had sworn never to touch dell again but then i discovered xps 13. Apart from looking at specs sheet battery is very important to me.
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    Unlocking modem ZTE MF667

    Says who i live in urban center? Ever heard of tethering and portable hotspot? That phone u r using to post here is all the modern you need.
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    Unlocking modem ZTE MF667

    I don't understand why anyone is still using a modem at this age. Anyway download dc unlocker with crack pale piratebay
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    Jumia to sell 2kg sugar at just Sh20 during anniversary sale

    Not worth it, shipping fees are exorbitant.
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    Kenyans doing Great Abroad

    How 'many' is this guy to qualify as kenyans.
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    nataka internal hard disk ya lap

    Leta 4k
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    Ngombe ya kuheo haiangaliwi meno

    The picture on the standard is actually from May 2018 so that's the old picture. in one year that that coat of paint has aged substantially.
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    Ngombe ya kuheo haiangaliwi meno

    This is a shame. kuna mtu alikula pesa hapo. It's a shame most of you morons are bad mouthing this woman for standing her ground. It's a no brainer that the president would not have given her such a shed so she has every right to accept or reject this rubbish.