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    Mobile loans: tala, branch and the likes

    I did some math on their concept and realized by the time you qualify for 50k, you'll have borrowed 50 times(months) and spent over 200k on interest and mpesa charges.
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    Mobile loans: tala, branch and the likes

    Hey anyone here ever taken Tala loan? What is your current loan limit? Have you ever considered how much it'll cost you and how long it'll take you to attain their 50k loan limit?
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    Airtel Kenya’s new 1GB Bundle at Ksh. 99 and 2GB at Ksh. 250

    Most of you complaining airtel speeds are low are operating dual sim handsets where only 1 sim can support 3g. Make sure your airtel sim card is on either 3g or 4g not automatic. I have used airtel as my primary line for the past 4years and I have no complain.
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    Hey you still selling them airtel bundles?

    Hey you still selling them airtel bundles?
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    Non IT how do you deal with electronics gadgets problems?

    google, youtube buy new one
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    Swearing affidavit

    When was that? Nowadays ni lazima
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    These ‘ooohs’ ain’t loyal

    Too much commas. Your hekaya is exhausting to read.
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    I need ideas how i can earn money from my website

    I had came to a similar conclusion but I couldn't express it better than u did.
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    Swearing affidavit

    Was it at the magistrate court or at a lawyers office?
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    Swearing affidavit

    Sio attitude kuna raiya huchangia any topic na singetaka kuwafungia nje.
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    Swearing affidavit

    Tga Thanks I appreciate the clarification.
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    Swearing affidavit

    To add a spouse to my NHIF card they as asking for a marriage cert or a sworn affidavit. Lawyers and know it all please advise me on the procedure, requirements and cost of swearing such an affidavit. Thanks.
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    Njoki Ndungu Vs Miguna Miguna and logical thinking Kenyans.

    The month is flawed, 2 minutes is a long time check and verify a single page document. 20-30 seconds is more than enough.
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    Jobs for stay at home moms

    If they are comfortable writing articles iwriter is the easiest platform to get work.