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    18+ Not Again

    Who are they?
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    Insulting Other People's Mothers

    @PHARMACY , if you had some sense of humour ungechorea hii chokosh. You don't wrestle a pig Kwa matope unless hujipendi. Just ignore and enjoy your existence here.
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    A or B?

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    Man u 2-1 Liverpool
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    New villagers beware . Caveat emptor

    :D:D:D ukitai vyu na mwamina muyosa room sino ii sya andu
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    New villagers beware . Caveat emptor

    @PHARMACY lakini izo sweeps hii ghasia ukupiga unafaa kutap out tu roho safi:D:D:D
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    :D:D:Dlow blow
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    Picture Of The Month....

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    Safaricon wanarusha mtama..

    Dial *444# utapata 1.75 GB na sh.20 valid for 3 hours
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    What is the best phone I can get with a budget of Ksh. 15,000?

    9T ni Kali.Endea hio ya 128 GB.
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    Explicit Mecho ing'are na Shydol

    Why are you g** kasee?
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    Piga luku brathe

    :D:D:Dchokosh wars
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    Preparing dinner for parents

    Kazi Safi bro