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    Is Mbc max missing on nilesat7w and eutelsat 8w positions?

    Why not try and get those channels at 3w without any hustles?
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    Best decoder transmitting HD Quality

    KBC & K24 are to some extent palatable
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    New signal for MBC Max, Action

    Get them at the tstv frequency at 3w
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    Your one and best station should be 7&8w
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    Ctrl C+Ctrl V WALLOW IN MUD

    Why would you after knowing/discovering the conspiracy appear at police station by yourself. You should have gotten yourself a legal officer,in all my altercations with the force there ain't nothing they would rather not entangle with than a legal officer. Next time be thoughtful bro. Pole lakini.
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    Odinga ,Kenyatta and now Musyoka dynasty imeanza

    You should read 1997, not even the agemates saw the end game. In chess you your worry is the safety of the king,the queen becomes a collateral should the 'appropriate' baits succumb. That's the deal,be with it or hang. Be wise live as best as you can manage!
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    Odinga ,Kenyatta and now Musyoka dynasty imeanza

    Depends with the brains of the constructors,the architect have already submitted the blueprints
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    Won't you like the Xiaomi MIUI 8?

    Get your hands on a xiaomi mimax and you will realize the potential of xiaomi. Have been on xiaomi rom for 2 good years and ain't in a hurry to go nowhere. Roboto fonts is xiaomi by the way
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    Escape - Pleasure comforts

    I have traveled a bit and I certainly can't mother Kenya
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    #Going Black

    What are we supposed to intellectually discuss thus concerning?
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    Odinga ,Kenyatta and now Musyoka dynasty imeanza

    Read alot concerning mornachies and you will understand that the masses despite their respite will always will for the good health of their masters. Sina lingine, it's Moi's dynasty to reclaim it's place if the right stewardship is applied. Pedigree be damned!!
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    Kanu, Chap Chap, Narc-K and EFP Endorse UhuRuto!

    Okiya you got a disciple, should submit loyalties
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    The main reason am not voting for ruto

    That's what differentiates fans and them that they know the measure of their worth! Pata hiyo like s@ shocks
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    what would you do?

    It will sting like hell but you should be reasonable enough to know that ain't the last sapien with a d**k and let it go. After all why should you destroy your life where you could not guarantee the female ain't go be dishing it out the next hour. My freedom ain't go be sacrificed on nobody's...
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    He being a man and you being young will explain the turn of events. Start by paying him a visit,his visit break the ice,chat about climate, politics, anything just create a rapport. Then after that make him understand why you did as you did and ask / tell him that's in the past and you would...