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    Those fools asking Ruto to Resign as Jaramogi did

    Raila hakuresign akilia kuhusu busy carpet.
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    Ground imebadilika kweli after Sagana 3

    Someone translate please
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    DSTV set up wizard symbol rates and frequency. Anyone please help

    Hawa Dsthieves washenzi sana. I paid for my subscription two weeks ago to date they claim they have not seen it.
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    Beta male still beggging slices

    And the chic is giving him hints, "hautasahau"
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    Pointless thread number 2: How I became a mwosha tako

    Get an Asian shower installed in your house , very cheap. Spray that ass clean then wipe it dry with a tissue.
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    Explicit Ugandan Leaked Nudes ( exotic )

    Hiyo kitu naipa marks kama zote. Napenda sana
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    Bad Black aka Snail Baby says she is dissapointed in Martha Kay's clean shave and very small poosycat

    Huyo Martha Kay nilijaribu kumwandama Facebook but ameblock hadi comments. Been following her for years.
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    Dito!!! Mi Tv loading!

    Great news. I love their products
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    Ovacado is the craze in 254

    You can never go wrong with farming.
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    Mathogothanio for those dieting

    Carbs na unakula mkate ?
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    A.O.B. Tuesday 7th April, 2019.

    is that beetlejuice?
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    Foreigners will harvest your sweat, and you will do Nothing,

    Why do they still need to subcontract for drilling while they own 7 rigs ?
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    Nigerian man whooping British police ass for his wife : Badassery 2.0

    That guy can really pull a street fight , krav maga.