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    Could CRISPR save humanity?

    just in time for the next mass extinction event. it will be our undoing
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    Work on A Ship

    Like my fellow undergrads I feel this country is holding me back from achieving my potential. Point is, if anyone knows where there's recruitment for sailors holla
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    We Are Q

    We Are Q
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    Private islands, why has this fad not caught up with Kenyan billionaires?

    Atlantis was a painful lesson
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    you cant tame a hurricane

    you cant tame a hurricane
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    The Documentaries

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    Technology geeks

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    Ogopa Wanawake...Waogope sana mse..

    piga Atm yake picha ukam tuongee
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    Google Maps Gets Nigerian Accent

    thats some patronising BS
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    Andrew Kibe the Athlete

    overcompensating baby-boomers
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    Sober Public Policy kuhusu Boarding Schools

    what a p*ssy