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    Toyota Crown vs Nduthi

    i agree. this heavily mordified cars are not for ur everyday driving where in some roads you cant even do 20kph due to traffic. but on open roads they perform to your expectation. thats why wale wako na hizo gari hutusumbua thika rd either usiku ama weekends when there is no traffic.
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    Toyota Crown vs Nduthi

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    Toyota Crown vs Nduthi

    kwana kuna haka ka Mitsubishi COLT ralliart. hata kama kanakaa ile wedge huwekwa kwa mlango isijifunge huwa ni kabaya sana!!!. huwa mpaka kanatisha STI.
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    Toyota Crown vs Nduthi

    kuna a clip that was trending sometime last year of guys trying to overtake a honda fit RS along mombasa road. the clip was about 5min long. the ka RS must have been doing past 180kph coz walishindwa kuka overtake. now when i see that kadudu kwa njia i offer my respect!!
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    Why do people hate Nissan cars

    thanks. usitake jua vile mimi CV joints zilinisumbua nilikuwa nabuy za kshs 2500 inazikula na one month. i was so frastrated coz driving from nairobi to naivasha i had to replace them always. then i just decided to buy the original which costed shs 4500. up to today they are still serving me...
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    Engineering feat

    :D:Dtwo storey apartment with master ensuite,air con and with a private basket ball courtyard. with ready dstv premium package ready installed
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    Why do people hate Nissan cars

    i have been driving a b15 the 2002 model since 2016 and i can point out some things i have learnt about a nissan. 1. nissan sio probox. u have to be abit careful how u drive it and how u use it. if u mistreat it it will mistreat ur stingy wallet as well. 2. always use genuine spare parts. i...
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    Earphones advice.

    AIWA are very good and their base is amaizing. zangu hata niliacha kutumia. they were too much for my eardrums.
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    Life seen Magazine

    usitake jua vile jamaa wangu wa movies alikuwa ananiuzia porn vcd. ilikuwa kama operation desert storm!!!.
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    Explicit IMAGINE ..

    well.... personally am getting old so lazima nitii miaka yangu. and with this years i am looking to start a family soon. vile nimekuja kujia with the experiences i have had with these ladies, matako kubwa,hio urembo yote, those hips and flat stomach dont count shit when it comes to a wife. those...
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    and ur intelligence to that of a warthog
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    Itaingia kweli?

    hutu tu hokey sticks usicheze. utaskia ukiambiwa deeper and harder na sa hio your all way deep!!!!...
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    likoni Tragedy..... Was it an attack?

    wacha mihadarati @mabenda4
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    Cute bike

    sawa kuma ya mende
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    Cute bike

    naona vitu zangu ama hii kitu iko na 11gears?