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    Kikuyu Town.

    Tell them Ninjas, there is a reason why it's nick-named "College of Eating, Entertainment and Sex (CEES)"
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    18+ Photo Observation

    Kuna mzungu ametoa 20k Doggy yake ioshe rungu.... Alafu baadaye kuna mninja fulani atakuja hapa kujipiga kifua eti siwesmind ku DKFHWHSFDVSFSF....WTF!
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    18+ Kathy Mumbi

    Watu wanadharau dollar sana....
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    HIV and AIDS is real

    Just the other day i commented about a friend of mine who is HIV+ and has a habit of "dry frying " these young-lings(the under 25s), i was crucified for that post, the point is the virus is out there and is being spread day and night. Personally, i've burried a few friends and family members...
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    Doctors in the house.

    yea, you think you like to f**k untill you meet one of these ladies and realize you can barely keep up with her sexual demands, i have a secrete though eat well, acha ujinga ya mandazi na rice, exercise and sleep early everyday, NB: Never ever accept money from her, because doing so messes with...
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    Explicit How do i know

    By being stingy, when she asks for salon money, give her Ksh 50 to go and shave her head....
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    Words from my father, Young men this is why it is important to score a good wife in your 20s

    This is some fucked up advice in today's world, marrying in your 20s robs you the chance to take big risks(investment risks), that could change your life. It's even hard to change a job because you can't afford downtime, you play it safe into your old age. Taking risks in old age is the dumbest...
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    How I lost 13000 to olx scam yesterday

    That trick is way too old for people to still be falling for it, a friend of mine was scammed like that back in 2006, you must be new in this concrete jungle... NB: It has nothing to do with olx(jiji).
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    Huyu Anunue Pampers teketeke

    Mileage ilikuwa imesonga sana, wacha mzungu ang'ang'ane nayo pole pole....
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    Her frank confession. f**k alphas in her youth, get married to a beta as the wall approaches.

    That was a rather long reply, 1. Do you live in Kenya?(make sure you answer this one). 2. The biological clock works against women, so its either you want kids or you don't, if it's the former then you have do do it early(take your chances early) because after a certain age it becomes...
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    Her frank confession. f**k alphas in her youth, get married to a beta as the wall approaches.

    I agree with your points, but there's something you overlooked in your assessment of the situation; I've met the kind of women you are talking about here in Nairobi,i'm friends with two female "movers and shakers", the ones with "f**k you money", truth be told they are less than 5%(i'm being...
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    Elders leteni advice

    Hii ndio ujinga ya watoto wadogo kuoa na hawajui kuoa ni nini, first of all motherfucker, you should know real men don't go around slapping their women over petty things, it shows you are not mature(the only scenario that i would advocate a beating is if she is violent towards you), Secondly...
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    Adobe Dreamweaver

    hey, what is your Github handle, i would like to see what you've been upto, as far as Dreamweaver is concerned, i'm married to Vim(now Neovim) for more than a decade now.
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    RV site builder

    there is a November offer(coupon) going on you can redeem it to pay $12 a year for Economy package.
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    RV site builder

    If you are planning to host one site, you can go with the "Economy package" which is $12 a year, but if you want to host multiple sites on one account i would recommend the "Deluxe Package" at around $112 a year, good thing is both packages you get a free domain for the 1st year if you pay...

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