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    Natafuta laptop

    It's obvious you people have a problem with comprehension, let me help you; "I travel a lot sometimes" (he needs a lightweight laptop) "dusty terrain" (he needs a laptop that can handle tough conditions i.e dust) "rugged yet smooth on hands" (he needs a military spec kind of laptop) "also fast"...
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    Singapore GP

    Hahaaa This kid(Leclerc), needs to grow and realize that in a race you can't have everything going your way, and P2 for a second choice driver is a good result...
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    Natafuta laptop

    Try Thinkpad X1 carbon, you don't have to buy the latest(they are quite pricey), just get one of the older models But if you have some cash to burn go for the Thinkpad X1 Extreme
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    Mimi bado natumia ugali wa wimbi, horsepower haijapungua, maybe nikifika 70yrs ndio nitatafuta hizo.
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    Singapore GP

    Vettel is the dark horse here, that is if he doesn't spin again.
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    What's the cost of seting up a website

    Whichever technologies you decide to go with for your website,it doesn't hurt to throw in an API, and a PWA, your clients in remote areas will like you....
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    Eating asss

    Fucking disgusting, you might as well tell her to shit on a plate and eat her shit while at it, there is nothing like a clean asshole, an asshole is an asshole period....
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    Will yaitwa aje in kiswahili

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    Singapore GP

    Don't write off my guy Vettel just yet,Leclerc is the future of Ferrari, but Vettel is their main guy at the moment, plus for Leclerc to win the Championship he will need an experienced driver watching his back, if he is exposed to the two Mercs he stands no chance...
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    really nokia? mulika mwizi at KShs. 12,000

    yea, when that banana phone came out, it went for Ksh 13699, i've always been a "feature phone person", i have a smartphone but i rarely use it.
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    really nokia? mulika mwizi at KShs. 12,000

    i bought the Nokia 8110 4gfor around 13k when it came out last year, and i'm planning to get the 2720 when it become available on Jumia
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    mimi siwezi mind, tukipimwa itoke negative, nachukua Lifestyles Skyn condoms, na kutembeza karungu tena sana.
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    Kunguru kuchezwa na Ninja pale kilimani mums

    Don't hate the player, hate the game...
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    Chipukeezy kutemwa (mharo news)

    yea, that way even if she leaves there will always be a connection, na ukiona anachorea story za ball unamtoka kabla akutoke.
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    holier than thou attitude is killing them

    Team 'Dry Fry' wako wapi wadungwe news...