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    So some shining eye wasee wa ocha went 4 a safari drive!!

    First pic kuna jamaa yuko hapo na Demio. Hii ni mchezo manze!!!
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    Hii Kitu Imenimalisa

    That windows tune at the end killed it
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    Leo Ugandans hawashikiki

    The background advert says it all.
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    Dryspell miaka 3

    Nikaona eskelebete eskebobo life life.....hii ni kali msee
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    mtaani show pulled of air

    Vibes radio is 104.5 I had started hating radio but this station has pulled me back.
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    Kunguru Encounters! Lets Have Yours

    Lovely, I like your confidence.
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    Subaru Forester SG

    He sold you fear so that he could retain you as a client. Subarus are very hardy, notice subarus year 2002-2005 are still on the road and in pristine condition. Spares maybe abit higher but not that much. Also good Subaru mechs are all over and spares easily available. Toyota herd mentality is...
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    Boeing Blames Goddamn Third World Pilots For Recent Plane Crashes

    I really respect Putin, he is pushing for the Russian military industrial complex to also go commercial. The recent was when was seeing off the supersonic 'white swan' Tupolev tu-195 and he instructed the design team to come up with a commercial version of the same in 5 years.
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    Talia Oyando

    Watu hutoka far. Crazy to even imagine that's Bob
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    From where did naming sons names like Njeri and Wambui originate from?

    You always sound bitter with shineyes, care to open up coz you might choke on your own bile.
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    Donald Kipkorir message to Kalenjin Nation

    This I totally dispute. Take a count, used to think the same till akina Humphrey (Dalbit) and Ndungu (sportpesa) crawled out nikujua the real dollar billionaires.
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    Zip lining

    Kereita forest call the number
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    Moving house from Zambia to Kenya

    Try bollorè logistics though I know they will be abit pricey. They are the ones who usually move most diplomats.
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    Crb Certificate

    You get it immediately. Clear with the CRB agents and you get a clearance certificate sent to you via email. Did that with transunion. Thread closed!
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    Manki gets robbed by hookers at mlolongo

    That was a trap na amefeli. Hii ni story of giants