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    Latest Dallas Murder Drug Deal Gone Wrong...

    That's the society you get when you mix drugs and guns. They go together like peanut butter and bread but anarchy is the price we pay for all this.
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    Only 1 Million Kenyans Have Over Ksh100,000 In Banks

    It may not be true coz some of us prefer not to use the banks where i guess they got the data. Hope no one anafanyia KRA kazi hapa.
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    We should simply accept Xi Jinping as our leader

    There are only 3 permanent things in life - death, taxes and change so even this Chinese wave shall pass too
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    How I joined a cult online bill kujua

    Go read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and you will be amazed about the untold Christianity roots and the bitter and weird relationship between Illuminati and the Catholic church. But don't read it if you are a conservative christian coz you will start questioning everything about Christianity. A...
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    PayPal M-pesa.

    Yea it's now working
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    Lets Stop blaming southAfrica we Kenyans are just steps away from Xenophobia

    All this Somalis, na Seuth Sudanis warudi kwao immediately. I hate to see them around cause they are trouble makers. Somalis are just terrorist and this Sudanis are known for beating kenyans who seduce their ugly tall chics They should go back and build their countries
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    nani ako na hii shida?

    Unfortunately in technology you've to keep up with how fast things change. However i still use a nokiamail account to date.
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    Which is a good first car

    Why not get a Subaru imprezza,
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    For those not afraid to explore go read Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. It's the best seller for so long. It talks about religion particularly Christianity and how the Catholics changed the the Gospel to suit their needs in addition to how the Illuminati could be right after all. It's not for the...
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    Your favorite movie character ?

    Red. Raymond Reddington. Best have ever came across
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    Niko Meru

    Tegea hapo makutano till 8 usiku. Kuna club iko on your way to Nanyuki can't remember the name but ni directly opposite KCB makutano branch thank me later
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    China slaps new tariffs on US

    I's hard to know who will come out as the winner. US is really pressuring the Chinese but China also no saint either. I think somewhere along the way they will come up with an agreement or either we will witness an economic crisis where either China or the US will be a victim. China could win...
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    Hata mbisha ya nduru hakuna?
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    feminists shitty entitlement

    I like the way you reason. everyone should stick to their lane. Men to do what's expected of them and same case as women. Hii risto ya gender eqaulity doesn't pay bills anyway. Women leaders want more seats yet we cannot see their development. Trying to achieve gender equality is like trying to...