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    buda boss miaka tano unagonga,
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    Any reason why you'd buy Nissan Sulphy 2014 over Toyota Premio 2014?

    brother paul, wewe nunua hio gari ukipenda kitu unaipenda pamoja na mashida zake
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    2500 if not wrong, but if you dont need the clearance to present it somewhere chorea tu
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    Clear your loan then download the transunion app and request for clearance, but uje you will still be negatively listed for 5 years from clearance date
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    Ndio kameanza..

    wapi redbul
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    @VC @TBT contributors. Vintage photos needed

    talk to graff matwana on fb
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    Fuel maandamano

    you expect a "you guy we happening today?" anonekane kwa TV akirusha mawe let alone kucomplain about fuel prices ajitoe marks kwa maslay queen zao? they had a chance to voice their opinion a while back but wakachicken out sai let them reap the fruits of that, 125P/L
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    Noordin Haji goes for Richard Lesiyampe over maize scandal

    but that's how "work system" works, the junior employees do the donkey work and the "CEO" takes all the credit and he even gets a "perfomance allowance" for a job well done
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    Asteroid to hit Kenya?

    is that the entry point to inner earth (argatha) ??
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    Nyako ber gi kawang'e... Eish Talia yawa

    nameless wants to eat Esir's things what happened to 'bro code' haiyaa wahu ako wapi
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    Revisit Reloaded: DCJ Mwilu Arrested

    Haina haja juu watamuachila na 500k bond vile walifanyia kumar, hii judiciary ni fvcked up, unatry kubribe msee na 1m unashikwa unaachiliwa na half the amount you were dishing out
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    Trucks aside

    Jasraj wako sawa kuliko choda, choda sawa they have some fancy designs but they dont last