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    Pure hogwash maze.
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    Nasa claims conceding candidates coerced

    Wacha nicheke kiasi. Kitumbua kimeanguka Kwa mtaro.
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    Investment slay

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    Investment slay

    :D:D.Maze unaniua. Wacha nisake GIF
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    Investment slay

    Elders,Ni nini sasa mnact hivi juu brown thighs jameni. There is nothing to to write home about i.e mambo ya kawaida haya. For those who have seen them all tuko pamoja.
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    talkers help this girl

    Since you sound like you know her why cant you offer her some shelter as she sorts her self. Instead unarushia mafisi nyama. let me not tell whats gonna go down once u play that orphan card.
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    Is it about pride or what?

    Is there something you trying to tell us?:)
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    Watu Mmenunua Kashamba or Any Such Property

    Tell Tell us how you went about si kuambia kijiji how you got several of them.
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    Satan is real

    :D:D:D Itabidi uite village mechanic azisoak Kwa mix ya oil na grease.
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    Good morning this afternoon

    Following from the side lines.
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    Maina Kiai Akombed.

    :D:D:D Eti Muria nugu.
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    Caroline Odinga

    Bumped into the mass and could tell huyo si mwanamke amefiwa.nilikataa.
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    hurtful truth

    We should compare notes when you hit thirty fae and above. Delusional statements.
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    Yawa, naomba summary maze.
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    It's not over yet NASA

    Wewe Unafaa kuitwa wenye Sasa.