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    Too good to be true, especially their story of how they deposited 100k for a plot valued at 16m, then went around getting buyers of off plan Apartments and quickly deposited millions just like that.Especially buyers who saw the advert on electricity poles. Even that office looks very "clean"...
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    these guys were fire back then

    sawa,i'll chek it out
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    these guys were fire back then

    This combination was fire back then dre and snoop
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    YouTube Problem

    Had the same problem from friday till yesterday, am also on Safaricom fiber, I restarted my router several times thinking it was a local problem, and even had to reset the tv to factory settings kumbe i was not the only one
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    culture appreciation

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    clubbing chicks

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    clubbing chicks

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    clubbing chicks

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    Kesho utaskia ruto akisema barabara ya matajiri. Fueling class war
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    akikawia choo jua tu ,kuna vile

    Halafu ulevi inakutuma umpatie clit job , unafurahia the wetness kumbe , you're eating another ninja sperms.
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    akikawia choo jua tu ,kuna vile

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    Sio Tribalism But Kalenjin Civil Servants Are Assholes With a capital A.