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    nairobi governor

    yani a judge was on standby as vetting was going on,deep state manenos
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    nairobi governor

    nairobi is ferked big time again During questioning, Kananu was cornered into declaring her stand on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI), to which she answered in the affirmative. Questioned on what her plans for Nairobi are regarding the traffic congestion, Kananu, 40, said PSVs should be...
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    nairobi governor

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    This is huge :Trump blacklists Xiaomi

    shida ya china ni censorship mob. they have their own versions of google ,fb etc but they won't make in the the open world .
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    Where can I take my kid to learn how to skate?

    garden city? kuna trainers huko and plenty of safe space. even two rivers.. some schools offer skating lessons as an optional activity. when she's 4 take her to such schools that have additional physical activities by the time she's through with pp2, akuwe anajua hadi swimming, they're not...
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    hakuna ukweli hapo, just cheap propaganda, anyone can see that. , but some fellow will fall for that . Propaganda is in high gear from both sides, some bloggers will be casualties by next year, going by our political nature during electioneering period.
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    dynasty that can never fall

    hiyo box iko na 38 years, since first use.,, imekuwa passed on from different generations.
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    dynasty that can never fall

    hii kitu is the dynasty of iron boxes, it has outlived most of us, .sadly they don't make them like that anymore
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    hustler movement

    Sabina Chege likely to join DP Ruto's Tanga Tanga team. According to a source speaking to our reporter Jack Reu, Sabina is said to have meet Dr. William Ruto's top wing men sending a strong signal that the Murang'a County Women Rep might be on her way out of the Kieleweke wing allied to the...
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    miti ni wewe na umaskini wako

    hiyo fees makes the school deserves being posted by pdu! kila mtu apambane na hali yake, that's the message being passed.
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    How Kenyan President and elections are decided...

    shida ya luhya ni they can never unite
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    8 provinces can't work, look at eastern province, you expect embu and samburu and all to accept a kamba governor? nyanza je? gusii and luos? what about kurias? rift valley je? maasais to be led by kalenjins? central rift je? we're a tribal country that's a fact...counties are here to stay, hata...
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    It Will Take Between 205 And 480 Years For All Tribes To Taste The Presidency Considering 1 Or 2 Terms Mix

    our form of devolution is fake, we should either adopt the nigeria model or US, let every county run it's shit, central government to run external defense and foreign policies, or act as the big brothers
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    trump:pga tour

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    Wadau Saidia ..... Need a Laptop. Budget $200 - $300

    budget iko sawa for a refurbished one ,ingia jiji tafuta laptop