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    He also plays in bouncing castles, am told!

    Me thinks Uhuru is not a bad person per se. Only that he gets carried away fast while trying to be likeable to everyone. This mistake probably led to his arraignment before ICC hence running for office was a necessary evil. Granted, i can bet he is looking forward to his retirement to a life of...
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    Not even the floods could prevent these guys from shining their eyes

    Me sees nothing wrong here. The loaves would have gone to waste anyway. Why not help a few souls at least for a day?
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    Kujaribiwa na shetani

    Women are of Satan. Wife ameleta cousin yake kamomo hivi. Kuanzia Jana, mwanaume sina amani kwa nyumba. Natamani kufyeka lakini the stakes are just too high. Kamomo kenyewe ni kasupa with nice legs and humongous ass na ni yello yello. Am at a loss on what to do.
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    WHY i No Longer Sleep Naked

    While in high school, I used to sleep in full regalia. Sleep time was a case study in military dressing. I would sleep in my trouser with a t-shirt, sweater and socks with shoes just next to my bed reason being that I always wanted to be ever ready for any eventuality. Hii tabia niliendelea nayo...
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    Requests After Coitus

    Hii ilifanya niwe nyangau kwa wanawake. One time nimepatana na dem fulani huko utawala. Story nini nini nikaanza kuomba vitu. ile kuzungushwa nilizungushwa. na saa hio unatoanishwa at every turn. When i decided to cut my losses after three months, nilijidharau kugundua kwamba she was just an...
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    Your fellow Africans are dying

    You amaze me with your level of stupidity. How it all fits in a normal human head is beyond me. Those niggars are out of options. The elites don't tell them. It is the fuckery by the elites that makes them attempt to cross the sea. Angalia kama Kenya. People in positions of power and influence...
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    No tactics.

    Kwenda huko-------------------------> kwenyu mnawekanga bandage kwa sahani? Nongwe wewe!!!
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    Wakanyama project

    Hapa @Wakanyama hujambiwa poa. It is very ouch!!!
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    No tactics.

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    I am looking for a job villagers

    Please work on your grammar if you intend to attract serious employers. Your language skills are pathetic to say the least. Otherwise, best of luck.
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    Eating twice in a single night....

    Leta post yako.
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    Eating twice in a single night....

    Rarua vitu. Wakikuuliza wambie unafanya job SJ
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    There is something about eating alone

    Whereas napenda watu, at times i feel like most people around me including relatives wako na ushenzi mingi. As such, nimejipata na tabia ya kutembea na kufanya mambo pekee yangu. Interestingly, people i meet feel like i am an introvert. Unaenda kwa pub then guys are like "are you okay?" just...
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    Am in total shit...Being Blackmailed

    Stop spreading rumours. Who told you that there can be convictions in Kenya based on shrouded video evidence. 2008 haukuona karau akiuwa mtu Kisumu and nothing happened? Mugo wa Wairimu alifikishwa wapi na video evidence? #NG'OMBE
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    How can a young man like Odom Lamar take viagra

    My friend, you don't seem to understand the dynamics of human relations huko majuu more so ukiwa na pesa. You get a mpango wa kando then anaanza kutafuta ukora ya kukutoanisha. Hence, pokos= no worries. It is purely business