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    6 months Korokoroni

    Usinikumbushe vile hio basi hurushwa teke teke kutoka kibera kotiko mpaka inda kwa gate! I bet basi ya jela haiwezi ondokea convoy ya orezo
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    Kenya Police Spokesman Thoroughly Humiliated In Nairobi Demo

    I was shocked to learn that the 7 ap who killed the Kawangwre taxi drivers were released the other day by the court of appeal on grounds of self defence.
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    ilifika Jana.. Nasiringi....

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    Crime of Passion

    Yaani you import pu**y all the way alafu bado unapewa stories!!! If it was me ninge dry fry the first day she landed and lay down the rules squarely. He should have owned that bitch
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    Betting-increasing probability of winning

    Sounds cool until arsenal wins and you loose your two bets
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    kayole Queens way, mwizi kumadwaa na meja

    Pan tambua takataka
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    What Browser(s) are u using on your phone?

    Internet Explorer
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    Accident alert

    And they never learn! Thats the sad part
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    Long Read (for those who are below 29)

    Few make it unscathed! Only the strong survive this stage
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    The Matiba children "mis" fortune

    Ive got some good memories of kim4love... I dry fried some 16 yr old taita puthy back in new yr 09.. ive never tasted anything sweeter than that!
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    Green Chillies

    Makes me salivate
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    The Matiba children "mis" fortune

    Ive always wondered why the hotel has remained shut for soo long! Mpaka that ka place called kim 4 love encroached on their beach front
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    @kah tony wants to be mp

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    Tusisahau EPL Match Day 15! Place your predictions.

    All big teams are playing champions league nxt week. The best bet for the weekend ni double chance
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    Pesa ya Mhindi

    Wakamba sahii wako kwa ncic waki report hate speech ktalk :)