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    Pasaris Walk Out! Sonko Walk Out!

    Passaris Walk Out due to Humiliation! Sonko Walk out due to Standards and Quality Control. Shinda iko wapi?
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    It's getting dirty dirty ( Gatheca and Merali)

    Breaking News: 32Bn in fake currency and Gold netted in Ruiru today linked to Joseph Waswa. "Things do fall apart"
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    US Phone Number

    Holla me. See my thread on international phone numbers. I can get you one within minutes.
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    International Phone Numbers Avaible

    Those looking to get a phone number in US in any state or on any of the attached countries, holla me. We can get you Toll free, Geographic or National numbers. Most US numbers comes with free monthly calls to US. The calls will come straight to your phone no matter where you are in the world...
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    Clamwin is a great and opensource.
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    Self taught backend developer

    Hahahaha and that's why same minded and adventurous people should come together internectually.
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    Self taught backend developer

    Guy's you can never kill a mind of it's own. The fact that he is self taught tells a lot about his passion. Point blank is that he is self taught and looking for a way to turn his knowledge to monetary reward. @Jambazi1234 wapi profile yako? I have guys who need backend developers.
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    January and the God Janus

    Phew! Hiyo January imetukaukia sana. Wacha iishe hivo. Just to purpose the month, January was named after God Janus for his ability to turn one face to reflect upon the past and a yet another face freshly pointed upon the future. January marks the new year for most of us humans. A new...
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    Free WIFI for walefi!

    @KinaraHasidi, It all depends on how sophisticated you want the system to be. it can be basic as well as advanced to address various issues. From a case study of various systems we have implemented, we can develop a system for you that restricts the bandwidth based on total number of endpoints...
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    Water purifying business

    @suspect , na Capital tunaongelea kiasi gani ndugu yangu?