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    Tumesalimiana wangapi?

    Nimekamua scrotum huko and never seen her
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    Locations za Muthiga, waiyaki way

    Short and curvy(not fat)
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    Locations za Muthiga, waiyaki way

    Couldn't agree more with you....this simple Simons have no idea Western bypass looks like and it's the best we have so far
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    Locations za Muthiga, waiyaki way

    Enda hapo Afi Pork next to club 105 and ask for a waiter called Jane.She ain't a whore lakini she'll easily give it up an ako mourn noises fiti ana utafurahi
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    No idea what you're talking about
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    After a 2 year hiatus,The uncrowned king is back to reclaim the throne. Had to go through my threads from 2/3 years and haven't I changed alot from giving multiple women oystered missionary style to who I am today I see a few VE's left, mimi humwaga ndani bado yuko?Under 23?
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    18+ Kamuable... Beautiful gal

    Very beautiful. From my experience, these big booty chics when you bend them over doggy style lazima utaona line ya white on the ass crack especially if you f**k her before you both shower..nimeona mengi
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    I fucked 25 girls across OK cupid,badoo and tagged.All were financially Impoverished chics except for 3.I would never go back to those dark days of dating apps
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    SOS. Saidia boychild

    Beta Male jealousy.Some of you cannot fathom how one can feel that many chicks coz you're a sore loser that women don't find attractive
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    SOS. Saidia boychild

    50 women in 6 months!!You're doing very well my friend..I've only managed to *** a measly 8 new women this year.
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    She has some fucked up knees though
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    Nadai Help Boichild asijimalize

    Take advise from someone who was in your shoes 5 years ago.Ask yourself this question,if it wasn't for her getting pregnant would you have moved in with her or talked to her bro for her hand in marriage. Take a piece of paper and write all the.pros and cons of the decision you're about to make...
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    Dabo Dabo

    So how many of have slept with two different girls with the same name?I was bored over my lunch break and did a quick tally of mine,I admitt I have an OCD of memorizing all the names and dates of all my conquests so bear with me. My tally is as follows Faith(2) Ruth(2) Rose(2) Chebet(2) Carol...