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    I spent Ksh4500 on CHARTURBATE in 30mins. But why? KTALKERS WAMENIHARIBU

    BACKGROUND: As the title goes, I spent ksh4500 on charturbate on a so called lil_cuttie who was kenyan. I currently stay in the US and i usually sleep with American girls because high quality kenyan girls in the state i reside in are in extremely high demand and they demand a relationship. That...
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    Chimano Waweru

    I'm a Uppah alumni and i can confidently say the story was a hoax. The victim seemed to have a mental issue probably autism. I was form 2 then. This isn't an Uppah issue. But then again i hear the dad was awarded ksh5.6 million.
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    Confessions: i fvcked my cousins wife

    Honestly, as fvcked up as i am, I'm better off than someone who is openly g**.
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    Confessions: i fvcked my cousins wife

    I have been fvcking my cousin's wife. I am not proud of it but i am mentally weak and unable resist her advances. She is so beautiful and always calls me to come over and chill with her. Usually, we always end up fvcking. So today she called me over for drinks and i went by. I ended up doing...
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    Truman Carpote is an idle woman

    Pia wewe relax. Mtu hafai kucatch mafeelings juu ya kutusiwa over the internet. You are trying to sound politically correct and it's coming out as fake.
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    Truman Carpote is an idle woman

    I usually skim through ktalk while logged out thus I'm not familiar with many of it's interactive features. I have ignored her.
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    Truman Carpote is an idle woman

    I was not aware that was possible. I usually skim ktalk while logged out. I'll do that pronto.
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    Truman Carpote is an idle woman

    This thread ni ya kuaddress hii ujinga ya Trueman Carpote. All she does is post some stupid threads on this forum. She is an attention seeking whore. Please Trueman, nobody cares about your $2 threads. They are full of beta BS. Nimevent and I'm out.
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    ogopa wangari sana

    Wangari Ras is a malaya??? Wah! I thought she was a dentist. She poses as a lesbian too. Nimeshangaa yangu yote.
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    18+ MARY

    nimeisha yangu yote
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    Kuongozwa na mboro na kimbelembele

    Hivi ndio pia mimi karibu nimadwe. About 9 years ago, nilikuwa ndio nimefika majuu. I used to stay in a gang infested neighborhood coz ndio nilikuwa naanzia maisha. So, one day, mi na cuzo( wangu yule alpha ) tulikuwa tumechill kwa balcony. Tukaona kadem fulani mexican arguing with her...
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    Explicit Kuna saitan hapa inapanga kufanya orgie

    Uko state gani? Kama unaishi Austin TX niambie. Leta bangi mob na utakula vitu.
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    Explicit Kuna saitan hapa inapanga kufanya orgie

    Nigga hii haikuwa private. Iko kwa thread
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    Kadogo katamu

    Hii umeweza
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    Beta male kukula kahispanic 18 yr old

    T Tutameet nako kwa housewarming bash this weekend. Hopefully si kukadissapoint mpaka kakatae rematch. Ntaweka picha on follow up hekaya.