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    18+ Madame Ssenga 24

    This woman will haunt us till death
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    Amazon coming to SA and Nigeria. Kumbe they are already in Egypt!!

    They must have come in through the acquisition of souq
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    Unsecured CCTV nodes

    I was having a convoy with a guy who exclaimed Itumbi has access to many CCTVs in Nairobi. I told him CCTVs are crazy insecure. He even questioned my IT credentials thinking I was a hacker but it should be basic knowledge, CCTvs and IOT things came with shitty security because those gadgets...
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    18+ Threesome.

    Women call each other waende kwa loo pamoja. Lesbianism is so rampant in female high schools too
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    Black Women Shut Down This Woman's Page on Tik Tok

    Feminism had to convince them that men are the enemy, but in real life, the real snakes are their fellow gender
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    Jose Mourinho PSG rumours

    I watched Mou ruin English football and therefore world football when be came to Chelsea.
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    Explicit Are Kenya g** clubs for real?

    Baas, those clubs of them days were very spooky. Even the name says it all.
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    Explicit Are Kenya g** clubs for real?

    Around 2010s, I went to Steps Club, ilikuwanga hapo stage ya Eastleigh in town.Club hoping used to be my thing. Basement ya the club was a gee club. Before it clicked, I was in another universe; never felt so shaken in my entire life. That was the end of me and clubbing every weekend in town.
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    Ulibonga na wesonga?

    Ulibonga na wesonga?
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    erectile dysfunction and the backstory

    Talk to this guy. He is called Dr Wesonga, he will sort you out +254 721 663790 5k and he will give you a comprehensive profile report
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    Mhindi amepigwa K. O. never to recover

    Invested in it? How did they do that? The Brits did one thing only, loot India back to dark ages. They even used to chop hands of the talented weavers just to sabotage the indian garments industry.
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    Azimio la fujo

    Nothing goes unnoticed by these government hawks, most of them choose to ignore that nonsense such as stabbings and petty theft because they are there on a bigger mission, to protect the VIPs. Those guys are carrying enough ammunition and serious firepower in those brown jackets to hold off a...
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    Air fares are very high

    This has been one, and still remains one of those life hacks that keeps giving
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    Mandatory Conscription Would Have Helped Kenya A Great Deal If It Was Implemented Immediately After Independence

    It militarised the population, that's why it was scrapped. Those ex-nys graduates are the ones who helped remove Moi from power. When those ex-nysers organized protests (lets call them riots), the police got their asses kicked well well.
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    How do you guys ship from Kenya to USA?

    All those direct flights to the US and no entrepreneur has figured something out?