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    Mtaro kabisa

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    Let me go take my Whitecaps, but I'll leave you with 2 examples why THE STATE is in self preservation. -Early last year everyone was talking about a REVOLUTION, how did that go? -The public started noticing ALTERNATIVE leadership, what happened? I pity Jubilee guys, kwanza wa Central...
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    Who bewitched us? Kenyans are ANGRY about the President being ANGRY! Wtf! What was he angry about? Fellow politicians politicking instead of addressing REAL issues!Then we all agree that he's drunk?For saying, politicians should stop politicking! We have swallowed the string,sinker and hook.
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    Trade that relied on Counterfeit or GoK Money. There's supplus milk,eggs,wheat or every other staple food. Car dealers, mitumba guys, nduthi spares, KBL, Cigarettes guys are not complaining. Am not a GoK sympathizer but i know Kenyan public have completely forgotten their priority.
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    Hehehehee, finally. Btw, there's a book about mass hypnosis or how governments manipulate public opinion to suit their agenda..know it?
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    Agreed, but why are we bitching that suppliers have not been paid that's why people are broke?If shuts down do they cripple their economy?
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    I totally agree, but you know what?No one will act on it, we shall be soo dip into Referendum or Parliament bullshit we won't have time to think. How comes number one issue on media and such forums as this is BBI, Ruto vs Uhuru? That's MASS HYPNOSIS happening.
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    Why are we not blaming the WHOLE system? Those are just self preservation tactics.Do you think if Ruto becomes president Brookside will shut down?
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    Why is inflation stable month to month? Almost every business in this country relied on counterfeit and or GoK corruption money. When GoK got into cash flow mess and corruption war hightened, shit hit the fan.Kenyans should stop relying on GoK for biz, and do honest business. Again, why are we...
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    Is it by design or pure coincidence that this village is driving a certain agenda that also perpetuated to the general public? HATE the President and link him to every inefficiency of this government. I suspect the village has been taken over by clandestine GOK operatives spearheading mass...
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    People are even specifying WHERE to fwak?
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    How does one deal with more "successful" peers

    Insightful thread, the kind ill pay for.Kumbe kijiji ina wisdom. Now someone recommend books too!
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    Echesa Child Sex Den Scandal

    Like someone said, your self discovery stage is not yet thru. Once you hit a certain age, you'll realize how off some of those comments are. Remember when everyone is class 4 wanted to be a doctor? That's how your post sounds. Anyway, you won't get the point.
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    Is this really wise?

    He would have avoided several head and heartaches. He should find a way the lady gets a job kwa MPESA shop. Because both have limited education and exposure they'll be very loyal and faithful to their employers. Their expectations would be low, soo a single room ya 3-4k ni sawa.As a matter of...
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    Watu Bomas Wanakosea Ruto Heshima. He is very angry

    So, what we all mean is.. we're a bunch of poor guys trying to prove who's 'poorer'? God safe us!