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    TV and ANDROID Box

    Sure, but their box is 2gb RAM 8GB MEM...the H96 is 4GB/32GB,only that sina local reviews
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    TV and ANDROID Box

    I have seen lots of reviews on TVs and Android Boxes. I intend to purchase a non-smart TV, if they still exist and get a good Android box. So, my main issues are; >Do non smart TVs exist, especially with large good displays...say 50'' >Which android box works best...i have seen good reviews on H96
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    This soundbar is getting rave reviews

    Explain this setup and speakers involved please.
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    18+ Worst Sexual Experience

    Warr! wanaume hupitia, you mean is something you encounter frequently?
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    18+ Worst Sexual Experience

    Is it ignorance or majority of villagers don't actually know how far a pu**y can stretch?If you think your d*ck is big because you 'fit' in your woman you're mistaken. It's very important for a man to visit a strip club or brothel once in his lifetime...utaheshimu wanaume wenzako.
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    What was that kiboko ya Stima?

    Your narration was also part of the myth, did that person really exist?
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    Explicit Live Strip

    Nairobi has ugly hoes.
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    Subwoofer: Bass ya matt ndani ya keja

    I have a sony dav-650, 1000watts. My disappointment is on the balancing. The pre-programmed sound modes are crap. Is there a way i can add an equillizer for balance or other mortifications?
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    This feels like a slap on the face, must villagers be this blunt..waar!
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    Suggestive dancing=slide to inbox Even all other SM no one displays flesh openly, that ass shaking is sublime way of inviting men.
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    With Instagram, i thought women have reached the zenith point of ratcheting. Along comes this godforsaken app. The open whoring, nudity and flesh display happening there is on another level. This proves a position that this esteemed village holds; that women are born flesh peddlers, can't be...
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    swapping motorbike engines

    Keenly following...
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    Savings Plan of 5k/pm

    Hi guys, Say you really want to follow thru that new year resolution and be saving 5k every month...and no more(so birrionaires mkae kando) Which options are available and does anyone have solid info about MAkiba?