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    How to get someone phone number

    Alitoroka room?
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    Personal Statement

    If only him and 2 million more Kenyans had foreskins in 2017, probably things would be different.
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    Meeting in my Bedroom

    Mungiki thread, Am out.
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    Who knows her

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    Kenyatalk Alexa Ranking is slowly dropping

    Bots zitatumaliza
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    Why Uhuru is walking into a trap

    He deserves the credit. If there's one politician in Kenya who always has a proper laid out plan is him. Study the man since he accepted defeat when he ran for MP in Gatundu.
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    Why Uhuru is walking into a trap

    Hehehhee, It quite laughable that people are still stuck with this story of Uhuru losing ground in Central.That's exactly what he wants to happen! Central people are a wierd lot, they vote AGAINST something. You think Ruto would have any votes if Uhuru doesn't go the BBI way? What would Central...
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    Captain Save a whore!
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    Why USA backed out

    Truth be told, no one would dare mount a direct attack on US. White Americans are trigger happy crazies, you can even see how stupidly they walk into a Church and start shooting.
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    Alice Wahome amesema kama mbaya mbaya

    For your information, i was just telling you the only ground that has shifted is the one you guys have created online. All pro Ruto gang are crybabies like their master. Has any of the issues you've raised been caused by handshake?NO! Did milk glout or importation of agricultural products...
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    Alice Wahome amesema kama mbaya mbaya

    Which is this ground people keep referring to? It's the high ground you guys claim online. You have built mud castles and now want everyone to board. Can you tell me one SINGLE policy that has been implemented since the handshake? Can you mention one SINGLE project that has been initiated or...
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    Alice Wahome amesema kama mbaya mbaya

    ...and replace him with Ruto?
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    Hosting Windows Apps

    Hi, Anyone who can direct me to a reliable host for Windows applications....say and such.
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    Listen, Elders

    I will wait, even if it's upto 2022 for pro Ruto supporters to tell me 1 single reason why we should RE-ELECT Ruto. I know he stands the highest chance and to some extent, no serious challenger...but, his messaging is wrong and his millitant approach as you have described maybe his downfall.