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    Relationship rant

    The more you chase them , the more they run away from you, and viceversa
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    Marrying what guys loathe - Single moms.

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    ...... Kumbe Siye :D
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    shiny eyes

    Well summarised. Nothing more, nothing Less
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    Accepting a job in South Sudan

    News today: Chunga maisha. Not worth it my fren
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    Delarue - Wash & Set - Ep. 1

    Riwaya is the appropriate name haha:D
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    Kiulizo: Why is KSL so expensive?

    Cartels my fren.
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    Former (Suspended) Kenya Power MD & Managers

    I'm sure their lives have drastically changed since their arrest and subsequent suspension. No more many phone calls, visitors, invites to events / seminars etc. When the power goes, everybody moves on from you... Unfortunate but its a #FactOfLife
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    Kikuyu Women

    Wewe ndo stupid. Statistics don't lie
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    when a married kunguru comes with it on head

    Mazishi baadaye
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    Prophet Owuor Followers & Crazy Things

    What's the craziest thing you've heard/seen a prophet Owuor follower do ?? For me, I used to have a room mate in uni. He used to sleep above me and he'd wake up @ 5.30 to pray loudly for about 30 mins to 1 hour. During one of the prayer session i happened to hear, he said that "Jehovah Lord...
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    Paypal to Equity Charges Dropped!!

    Exclusive Agreement my fren
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    Uncle Njau

    Wanawake sumu
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    I got offered a job.

    Money comes and goes. Time does not
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    Georgina makena

    Career ending tackle :D:D