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    Wapi naeza kula Nyama

    Of course thats the sweetest but we know thats not the healthiest. A slightly boiled one to break the tendons then you add some dry spices before placing it on charcoal is always the best. You take the soup too for your bones
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    Wapi naeza kula Nyama

    Kenyan men weird kind. Its awesome grilling meat for your family once a week, not just taking with your boys in the pub. Eti watoto wanakulanga choma only during holidays when you take them out in areas you can vouch on cleanliness. Our weather is usually good allowing outdoors grilling with...
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    Need TV

    Its awesome. I do 4k often.
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    Need TV

    Mine is 55' with HK bar. Maybe there is also a 65' too
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    Need TV

    Just Get the 55 inch TLC, the one with harman Kardon sound bar. 60k will be enough
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    What TV to buy in 2020

    I got it and for the price, its a good bargain. But you need a larger than normal living room otherwise hii si ya bedsitter.
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    Usiseme Hukuambiwa

    Yes. A pack of 20s at 45k
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    Mazda CX-5, Xtrail new shape or Vanguard?

    check with Kamindi supermarket, Kiambu. toys section
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    After singing tano tena

    kill it before it lays eggs!
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    Can someone explain

    @Macharia wa kamau Are you able to get a Motorolla X pure edition screen. kama hii screen Mine is broken and no success in getting it in the last 4 years. Broke within 3 months of purchase. I imported a screen and discovered it broke during handling (shipping or delivery)
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    KB beer

    local ingine inauza 120
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    The best way to eliminate mosquitos

    ICON 10Cs Syngenta. Kitu kama hio. Thank me later
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    Choosing A Car.......... Niko Mombasa doing window shopping.

    A forester owner. @D.... Mungai Take the XT 2013 if they have one. Max 2.3m.. Keep me posted on how much they are willing to go on a white XT or TS 2013, i have someone looking for one You will go anywhere.. okay not the sea. you will not regret. After some years, like 5 years, you will be...
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    Mazda CX5

    yes CX7 was discontinued for the by CX5