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    Explicit URGENT

    A pair is 500
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    Pharmacy green lodge

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    Washing machine, front load or top load

    Both automatic, top load 12kg 45k, 7kg front load 45k, which one do i go for?? Help a brother out
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    Explicit Wueh! Ni Kunoma

    Very primitive behaviour, gays will always be there whether we like it or not, these are people sick in the head sufferring from their own insecurities
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    My bet today

    hio ushakojoa!!
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    Bet za leo....

    sports pesa is not working currently, ningetaka kujaribu bahati na hii
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    I've been wanting to ask this

    upuuus..wezi wauliwe!!
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    Free Safaricom Airtime Recharge

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    inhumane business

    what are you talking about?
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    kindlt add me too
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    bet za leo

    sambazeni bet slips
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    how will they identify a bad driver?