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    Andela to lay-off 400 junior devs(170 Kenyans)

    Hii andela ni brand ya thong?
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    The Purge : Kenya Talk edition. All crimes are legal for the next 24 hours.

    You have a point but Ju wewe ni a disgrace potelea mbali
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    holier than thou attitude is killing them

    Ule dem nimeona chozi lake haliendani na mathila ya mwanaharamu nikajichongea tu alipewa zaidi ya mimba
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    18+ Brothel advice

    Usitumie CD otherwise you won’t be getting value for your hard earned money
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    Lamu senator just like under23..bought p**sy online..only mistake ni ati he mwagad inside...

    True, only that wangu hakuwa na front teeth zote..maybe two at most ..she wasn’t opening her mouth wide
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    Turkana "university" ksh.121million scandal

    your comment justifies stealing by communities from unmarginalized areas ..and that is unfortunate
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    Turkana "university" ksh.121million scandal

    you leak an internal audit report ...which most likely its a draft.. so that you get a position you always wanted after the existing holders are fired. This is stupid.
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    Any Nursing Job for a villager

    Watu wa degree cannot be afforded by most hospitals Watu wa diploma ni wengi plus wanalipwa upuzi with long working hours
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    Any Nursing Job for a villager

    salo ya nurse in Kenya haina value ..does not commensurate with the workload or contribution to healthcare here's what i can tell you: I assume uko nai, so ingia tu locum Countless of european countries wanakutaka bila paperwork mingi ..Hungary needs you .. and most other countries around...
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    this guy must be the dumbest defense attorney ever

    Exactly. Due to the mistakes Murgor is pointing out, she now seems clean Best believe, Murgor will present a motive for the killing that doesnt include associates ..something like the mzungu was dating someone's wife ...shit like that