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    Trisha Khalid 6

    Pic 4 - amevaa knickers na bikers pia. To suppress cellulite?
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    Nani anajua hii kunguru.

    She's a tad common in dating sites. I think she's a Kenyan that lived in, or visited South Africa.
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    Nini Inakuanga Shida na waafrica lakini?

    Just imagine some people had been waiting from 3:00pm to get on the ferry. Then at 5:00pm they are beaten up and told to sit on the dirty ground! SMH. A whole two hours before curfew time.
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    Thermal Image Cleansing Eyes

    Most likely SA
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    Explicit K-talker caught pants down

    Lodgings aren't part of lockdown, they were allowed to continue operating.
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    Korona is airborne and has no cure

    Law of averages?
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    Korona is airborne and has no cure

    What part of the answer don't you understand? https://www.clickorlando.com/news/local/2020/03/13/coronavirus-5-things-you-need-to-know-about-covid-19/ Pot calling the kettle black. I doubt if you will understand even an iota of what is explained in this link. Half-baked stories are YOUR...
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    Korona is airborne and has no cure

    Yes, it's proven AND CONFIRMED! The virus is surface bound. Hence the need for handwashing. It's you that needs to get basic facts and stop spreading ignorant rumours.
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    Korona is airborne and has no cure

    Corona is NOT airborne! Stop fear mongering.
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    18+ Ms Cynthia

    That cellulite is at another level :-/
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    hata jacinta yuko Tagged

    Hizo ukuta na choo yake na plot anaishi zimeboo saaaaaana!
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    The Bro Code VS Kunguru

    And you say the hubby is your friend? You are hard to understand. Cut off that Jezebel IMMEDIATELY! Have absolutely NOTHING to do with her. I'm sure the hubby thinks you've hit it already.
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    Can we now conclude that Uhuru and Ruto Split is done and Dusted now?

    Building Bondo Initiative is nothing but a marriage of convenience between two dynastic families. Won't help Kenya an iota. Mutaambiwa mara ngapi?
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    who the f**k is Kambua !

    Sometimes I wonder about your gender. Which is it?