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    Dr Umar Johnson

    Actually, I also agree hawa wazungu wanatuchocha tu after deep research. If it was not for China wangetuacha hivo tu
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    Mps kweli hupenda wanawake

    Nilijionea maneno. Pale America kila msee amejihami na gun kwa keja, mgongo (Alabama sanasana), ama kwa car locker. I stopped viewing guns as a symbol of prestige after that.
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    Europe-Africa (Ni Kubaya Majambazi)>>When It Rains, It Pours

    Let me first take you nuts down memory lane: Last year, Mzito Xi Jinping pledged $60bn (6 trillion) for Africa late last year; and now Europe joins the fray out of fear of competition. Having two options sounds like a nice deal after all. Europe has decided to invest 40 billion euros in Africa...
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    Nigeria Joins the Party Finally!!

    Lakini Chief West Africa wako na oil karibu most states eg Ghana, Nigeria, Angola, Equatorial Guinea etc. I would however like to add avocados, flowers, dairy products, cashew nuts etc.
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    These Chinese Need to be Watched Carefully

    While I still insist that all investors are welcome, we need to watch these Chinese people carefully. Constant deportations seem to have scared them off in Kenya we no longer hear of them causing any trouble. I proposed mob beatings in case a Chinese beats up any local. That is the only...
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    Nigeria Joins the Party Finally!!

    At last, Nigeria, the last of the four geographical powers of Africa-the rest are Kenya (EA), South Africa (SA), Egypt (NA) has finally joined the African Continental Free Trade Area. If fully implemented, Africans will be able to trade, work and move anywhere across this vast continent. We now...
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    Being Black In Trumpland Can Be Dangerous

    Diasporans follow the law and try to stay off the radar of the law enforcement. This involves being careful in whatever you do, even when driving. On the other hand, African Americans wacha tu. In fact, it is pretty difficult for Africans and African Americans to socialize and date due to the...
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    Hapa Ndio Corruption Imetufikisha-$4.4Bn (440bn) Investment

    Who said I take sides? I am an economic development enthusiast and will keep on pointing out successes as well as criticize failures.
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    Hapa Ndio Corruption Imetufikisha-$4.4Bn (440bn) Investment

    In one go, Ethiopia has managed to secure investment worth $4.4bn in its geothermal electricity sector. This will bring 500MW of renewable energy to the rapidly-developing country. In contrast, our current geothermal installed capacity as per the article is approximately 700MW. I have a reason...
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    Benji exposed ( hot damsel )

    Kwani ulitombewa lanye na Mkamba? This seems like an angry rant, not a typical stereotype. Otherwise, I can also call you Gaaayyy!! Ulijuaje size ya Mkamba?:D:D:D:D
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    Extreemly Graphic! Viewer discretion Strongly advised!

    Why would they avoid the thread? The racism is only there if you look too hard for it. The woman had outstanding warrants and she thinks snatching a weapon from a cop is wise? Do that with a Kenyan cop and you will only be lucky if you survive. Lastly, as for 2-3 jobs, it is a matter of choice...
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    Reginald Mengi is dead.

    We may never know what killed him. But some finer things are best left to young men if you don't plan to die sooner. Anyway RIP and what a great and stylish way to sign off! That was a former Miss Tanzania alikuwa anamsafisha rungu
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    Uhuru Signs 226 billion Deals

    The Konza City project is absolutely a game-changer. Nairobi is getting too congested with polluted air.
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    Uhuru Signs 226 billion Deals

    I am sure they are saving the SGR for the last. You have been prepared mentally with good news-the avocado exports, JKIA-James Gichuru expressway etc. Now prepare to shout your throats hoarse once the SGR loan to Kisumu is signed. Kenya and China on Friday signed project delivery agreements...
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    Githae Amemea Akili (Fiashara Manenos)

    Kuna black professionals and businessmen wengi pia. Watu wa mtaa wako everywhere in the planet.

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