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    Middle East war vs Corona

    When we die it's the end of story, worries goes to the living,either it's corona or war all are the same. Am drunk
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    Pombe Haramu

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    Hapa kule

    Niaje salemanta
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    Ruto na matusi he's now on the president

    whats the solid reason of impeachment,i have listen the above and he never talk about president
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    Ruto na matusi he's now on the president

    in short we are the government
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    Form four girl

    kula kwa lodgo and make sure she has uniform my friend tutakuona tu hapa
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    Bundles mwitu

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    Anaweza hawezi

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    Anaweza hawezi

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    Is homosexuality a choice?

    This is too much, sometimes I imagine how this lady look like in real life
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    Gravity Powered Powerbank. KES 10,000

    Prove it
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    Ruto does what he knows best. Eliminating witnesses

    they were six officers manning the gate including the deceased,why eliminate only one?. it doesnt add up.
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    What are you praising Moi for?

    maziwa ya nyayo
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    2020 Predictions

    1. famine . national disaster 2. cancer will kill two prominent people 3. political alignment after BBI collapse 4. trump re-election 5. taxes will increase every quota 6. budget of 10 trillion 7.corruption charges of a very prominent person 8. be prepaired. its a stiff year alot of changes e.g...
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    Female president

    we are not yet ready for a woman president.....we still need dictator in this country