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    Responsible and trustworthy Gambling sites

    Some feedback would be amazing guys! I read an interesting article about gambling in Kenya, and want to dive deeper into this matter.
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    1xBet Customer Support

    Whats your thoughts in terms of responsible gambling in Kenya? what tools do you offer your customers to control their betting habits?
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    Responsible and trustworthy Gambling sites

    Hello people, I am doing a little research into the online betting and casino operators in Kenya. I heard alot if nightmare stories of people not getting their winnings, people loosing all their money etc etc. Please tell me your story. And what the betting company did to help you... Or what...
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    lucky friday 1xbet

    Whats your experience with 1xBet guys?
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    Anyone here played with Betika? What rating would you give them?
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    1xBet Customer Support

    Welcome 1xBet!
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    What would be the effects ?

    The main issue is that casino and betting companies doesn't care about their players. And there are no laws enforcing the operators to provide their players with various tools - such as deposit limits etc. In several countries in Europe responsible gambling is enforced, and players cant deposit...