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    18+ Felistar Utawala

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    Belongs to the streets
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    Another talker learns the hard way

    Always demand for a photo from these Craigslist hoes before meeting them .,but I wouldn’t advise anyone to hunt there
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    Another talker learns the hard way

    100percent of cl ladies are ugly .. very fat and shapeless .. total turn off
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    Professor Ochieng Odongo shuts down his page after being exposed

    That professor guy works at United Nations but he thinks he is the richest man in the planet . I hope the dude invests wisely apart from seducing women and bragging on social media
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    Tagged Lanye!!!! Shiet

    Post her photo
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    18+ Felician Kabuga

    I really doubt whether a billionaire can visit a brothel like careguest house
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    Lord forgive us
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    Mama maraya mtamu kama sunguch

    Seen her WhatsApp profile .. she looks like a drug peddler
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    wadau nimeangukia au?

    Idiot this is an internet chick and you have been wanking all night long trying to imagine how you will devour those curves . Mjinga ni mjinga tu
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    Dayum! All time hotness

    Hope those principles will pay your bills motherfucker . Stop judging people .. it’s a free society
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    Why women never invest in their houses

    MAlizeni hii ghasia
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    Why women never invest in their houses

    It’s because you sleep with low class women.. mostly chokoraas from east lands yet you are busy here setting fake standards