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    Wrong Paybill

    paybill hakuna reverse follow the bank that supports that paybill. Safcom will not help. I had a similar case the bank was KCB They forced me to open an account with them in order to be paid
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    Bodabodas dying at an alarming rate, average of 3 everyday

    Apart from road accidents pneumonia is also another killer of bodaboda
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    Road trip to Maralal

    Jamaa wa archives alete Ile hekaya ya @Mombasa
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    Wanyama Case Discussion on Reddit

    There stories that the pregnancy did not belong to any of the two
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    I thought compensation was done

    uliona watu wa Pangani mtu ni tenant amelipwa 600 K ajipange instead anaenda kotini bure kabisa
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    Passive income:Investment options

    Ati Uber hiyo niku throw. The app companies have continued to lower prices, the drivers can not make money. infact they have decided to strike Starting Monday. How do you make money in this business if the driver mwenyewe is not?
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    Americans ruin beautiful foreign cars with huge ugly grilles

    This cars will be with us in 7 yr time. Google 2018 vehicles
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    This is Guka - Pre-mixed Concrete

    No longer happens coz sikuhizi ni contract. Those guys don't talk to you anymore.
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    Kama hizo basi zita-come... Getheca will collect fare from peasants direct thanks to Hujuma system

    @maizeroaster do you read what you post? Huduma Namba and Huduma card are two different items. Huduma card appears to be a failed project for devolution Ministry under the Huduma centers it was supposed to be used when paying small fees for services at the centre. Currently posta collects the...
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    Oduma numba chronicles

    Zile line za kuchukua Huduma Namba kwani zimeenda wapi? Ama wamesajiliwa
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    Oduma numba chronicles

    So Huduma Namba=ID Number
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    Njina ya mama Felix inakaa Kisii Kisii
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    Nimeitiwa slices Nyeri

    Mwambie mkutane Karatina take your slices remember za ktalk ni saba hizo zingine wachia wengine
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    How the cookies crumbled: The housing bubble.

    True Babu but will that land be giving you 1m annually?