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    1, 2, 3 or none

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    Unpopular Opinion: Why Nihgas Should Marry Single MotherS

    Ask yourself one question; Would said singo matha give you a second look if she was bastardless? Pump and dump!
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    Turns out I give off simp vibes

    Kenyan women want you to ask for pu**y from day 1. Just be a little bit creative about it. The most common way of asking is 'Unakuja kwangu lini nikupikie?' If a Kenyan woman gives you any answer other than 'Sikuji', uko semi-finals daddy. Common responses to this question are, 'Unajua kupika...
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    Broke in a minute.

    Ati simu iko airport. Ni wewe hujaendea. Kwani ni gari? The odosity is on another level:D:D Anyway, 99.9% of all con jobs are fuelled by greed. This one was no exception.
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    New phone. WHO DIS?

    This did not age well :D:D
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    Bitcoin bangi part 2 : Randy aka Peoples

    Exactly. All possible scenarios are lose-lose.
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    Bitcoin bangi part 2 : Randy aka Peoples

    This is how I think the scam pans out. You meet at the scheduled place. They show you the money in a bag. Inside the bag are bundles of 100k in denominations of 1,000. The bag is heavy i.e. imejaa pesa. To establish trust, they fish out a bundle or two and ask you to kagua the authenticity of...
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    I have buyers of Bitcoins......leteni Biz

    Do I send the bitcoin after receiving payment or how do you ensure transparency?
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    Nyeri is 20 years behind Kiambu

    I am about to throw a cat among the pigeons. As soon as their departure became imminent, the colonialists decided to leave the government in 'safe' hands. It so happened that Kiambu was the bedrock of collaborators. It is because of this fact that most of the post independence Agikuyu who found...
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    Ni kubaya

    Tuko nyuma ya Msito Uhuru Kenyarraa na Raila Odinga the 5th
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    Kibe is a talker

    and you must be from Mars
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    Hon: Yusuf Hassan on Ruto.

    Me too. He is a political conman