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    Physical casinos

    Is there something more I should know before to try this casino?
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    Earn Money Online With Earnwayonline Best 2020

    In my life I tried many ways of earning money online from home and even it seems to be hard, it isn't because it is a long tail of jobs that you can try and here you have some side hustle ideas. One of them is about becoming a driver for Uber or Lyft ridesharing, and Amazon Flex or Prime Now...
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    18+ Viagra and Priapism....Your Experiences

    Yeah, that is awful, priapism can happen when you overdose with viagra, or your body is very sensitive to viagra, so you need much smaller doze not have such problems. That is why everytime when I need to take some medicine I consult with doctor first. Or at least you have to read article about...
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    Pressure Washer/Which do you use?

    Hello everyone. Just curious if someone of you uses pressure washers to clean your car, house, and everywhere you can use pressure washer. By the way, what can you use pressure washer for?
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    Gambling IN REALITY

    Well, I've been playing a lot of poker lately, I switched from offline to online poker and I can tell you that it differs a lot. In offline you are basing yourself on facial expressions, emotions more than what their moves are. In online poker, your strategy is based around what their moves are...
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    Kenyan betting site

    lol, I've been betting on this site for 2 years :)
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    The Scam that is Paid betting Tips

    wow, personally I remember that UCL season of 2015/2016... That's was a great time, as I was able to win a lot of money betting on football games, and all in all I mean that it's profitable to bet on football games. Especially it was profitable to bet on the winning of Real Madrid, as there were...
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    Betting Society of ktalk

    wow, thank you, but where could I make bets? Do you know some betting sites?
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    This is worse than Kimwarer Waters... Super Thieves Economy

    hm, I'm interested in this. I would like to know more about betting sites, especially if it's a Kenyan betting site
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    but where could I make bets? Yes, I will certainly use your services in the future, but I need a reliable betting site from Kenya...
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    Kenya vs Uganda official thread

    sorry for spam, it wasn't me :( my friend simply decided to have fun and insert a link... I'm so sorry
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    Kenya vs Uganda official thread

    lol, it would be better if you will check this out
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    yeah, thats great!
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    Girls and Tears

    wow, this is really great pictures
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    Family planning

    are you seriously? it would be better if you will check this out