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    King wa masweep kijijini!

    Honest question and am not in any way related to that easily irritable fella. Pole it was just an observation. Just wondering why the guy has so much bile towards tangatanga.
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    King wa masweep kijijini!

    Been following the political debates lately and this guy @SatEnthusiast seems to be on a sweeping spree on the tangatanga brigade. Could this be Alai's new handle?
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    Flying squad discovers FAKE cash inside Barclays bank safe QUEENSWAY branch

    Told it like it is bro! Watajua Kenya pia kuna deep state of some sorts!
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    Why OCS Ragira was killed.

    No wonder all you can do is embed other people's tweets on your posts. You can barely create a cohesive post. Meffi!
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    Why OCS Ragira was killed.

    There's no point there. Just crap. Case closed.
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    Why OCS Ragira was killed.

    Disgraceful! Wewe unakuwanga kwa board rooms gani na you are ever snooping and goofing on twitter? Unataka mastudey watetewe na nani. Am surprised you guys don't raise such queries when the likes of Babu Owino call press conferences whenever something trivial happens within UoN.
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    OCS Rangira murder is a classic case of why heroism has no place in corrupt KENYA

    I know the guy in person. While pursuing my Masters in 2015-16, there was a scuffle within the same market over same issues. OCS had a food stall there too and he fought so hard for the inclusivity of the traders. The authorities brought forth propaganda (engineered by Babu's goons) that he was...
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    Why OCS Ragira was killed.

    Just so you know, Babu n OCS never saw eye to eye! Ata ukiangalia post ya Babu on the death of OCS, it's so unlike him to just give it a casual mention. The way he jumps into the fray on matters fees, food etc partaining UoN leaves me with lots of questions as to why he treats OCS's case with...
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    Why OCS Ragira was killed.

    You are a true idiot! How will the students survive without such a market close-by? Wewe ulimaliza shule so future generations don't matter! At least he gave a voice to the woes facing the students! Burukenge wewe. You are a disgrace for saying such stuff just coz you think you freaking low-paid...
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    Replaced him but on a negative note. Raila was ever in the news as a champion of the people and democracy. Ya WSR is counterproductive because he is ever there wakim-paint like the corruption god. Got the memo?
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    Why WSR front office desk noise team has renewed it's contract with silence as CS Rotich looking visibly shaken continues to be roasted ....a bad omen hapa ndio walikuja kujenga dam as a man-made lake! Some shithole leaders!!! Shame on the DP and his cabal of thugs!
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    JKUAT inatoa future leaders.

    One of the brothers (the elder brother) was a UoNer.
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    Wang and Peng rob KAMAU Kshs 5m

    This is a gold deal gone wrong. He's using authorities to intimidate the poor fellas! Unakumbuka his buddy, yule huvaa shades mpaka usiku, akishoot msee kwa traffic ati ni snatcher wa simu! That was also a deal gone sour! Hawa fake gold dealers usicheze nao! Methinks the chinks came into the...
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    Kenya Charged with Stealing $36 Million Extradited

    He ain't no hero. Alimalizia game kama some ochah guy.