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    need a new phone

    Oneplus Nord
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    WINDOWS 7 vs 10

    windows 10 used ti be crappy a few months ago..nowadays it's stable as long as you don't set it to download and install updates automatically where some updates can be buggy and cause windows to crash . Running windows 10 on an SSD rather than the traditional HDD makes windows 10 run...
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    mac pro 2020

    gonna cost millions ....would build a badass PC instead which would be cheaper and outperform the mac pro...imagine a ryzen threadripper with 64cores vs intel with ...for a normal user such amount of memory is extreme overkill ..these kind of machines are used in movie studios ..the big ones
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    Fast rising technology vs outdated system

    it's true man...colleges out here teaching some programming languages which don't match with the current job markets. matters get worse when graduates don't want to keep up with tech they're still stuck with the C++ they were taught by their old professors
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    Flutter Devs

    Perhaps he's just a sad programmer
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    Flutter Devs

    With frameworks you can keep up with the relevant ones if you wish to...not sure how you answered that but yes i want to see some projects done in flutter by local devs for inspiration if any exist.
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    Flutter Devs

    Any flutter developers on this forum? How's the local job market like? Share links to your apps if you've created any please...
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    Most popular programming language in the country

    Yeah that's true
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    Most popular programming language in the country

    php seems to be the most widely used back-end language around here mostly influenced by the fact that most websites run on wordpress in kenya....but you know javascript is on every website and is used as a backend language nowadays thanks to node js. Every developer around seems to be armed...
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    anyome using a xiamo on worth around 20k...what's your performance experience with the phone, what games do you play and are there offline advertisements within the phone applications?