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    Leo nimewahi kenge

    The same story happened to me at a safaricom shop in nimeendakuregister card ya one tap the sales lady teases me n says ..tupatane jioni utest mpesa me her number is history...
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    4 PM Coffee~ Goodbye, Google Plus! We Hardly Knew Ye!

    who even uses that
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    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, on Wednesday, released trucks full of relief food to the drought-stricken county of Turkana.

    An independent country with a military,at this century..when did the weather start beating us?????????
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    Ziara ya rais magufuli katika bandari ya Dar

    Dr.Magufuli is a fire cracker. No nonsense kind of guy ,we need more of him Hapa Kenya i think its only Matiangi who comes close to him.
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    njaanuary inawapeleka aje

    njaanuary inawapeleka aje
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    Kidero no longer at ease as EACC trains its eyes on his vast empire, KIJANA MODOGO AKONA PESA MINGI KULIKO KABOGO

    @nichonasri.. senior villager umeanza kubaleghe...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    Mayans MC

    Sons of anarchy spin off at leat some good stuff coming up
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    Swahili in Muscat Oman

    Good stuff
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    Swahili in Muscat Oman

    What do you say about this
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    Swahili in Muscat Oman

    I want to know about the repatriation of zinjibari arabs back to oman after the zanzibar war. What happened to the sultanate and is there a relationship between the currebt sultan of oman and the last sultan of zanzibar...
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    Swahili in Muscat Oman

    Am surprised to find many arabs in Oman speaking swahili fluently. Any history guru on this
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    Nation Epaper

    Now i know the slang
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    Nation Epaper

    What f... Ker u dimwit