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    Q:Can 4g modem work with faiba sim card?

    Faiba 4G Compliant - HUAWEI USB routers available @4,950/- Orders=> 0722216110 Kenya Cinema, 3rd Fl KSh4,950 KEY FEATURES: *Unlocked [Unlike the JTL MIFI] - Supports Faiba 4G LTE as well as other Networks - Safaricom/ Airtel/Orange *Support up to 10 Wireless terminals *Powered by any USB port...
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    So this was the PLAN

    Elections ata zikuwe 2019 na NASA secretariat wawe IEBC commissioners bado RWNEBP
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    Kenyan’s Are Very Trusting

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    Uhuru shikilia papo hapo halufu 2022 tupatie ruto
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    Education CS;Prof Colleta Suda Ojwang

    na bado........
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    powerless sitting president?

    hahahahahaha eti powerless? We rather have uhuru as a powerless president than having TMT as a powerful president #tukutanekwadebe26
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    Its politics..

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    Jubilee Team or rather RWNNNNNNNNEVER RULE US

    And so have we as team #RWNEBP. May the best team carry the day
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    Uhuru left while talking on stage in machakos

    HAHAHAHAHAHA #RWNEBP Just because several....maybe paid/intoxicated kenyans decided to burn a jubilee t-shirt doesn't mean that ALL Machakos votes belong to naswa Tukutane kwa debe 8/8
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    PUnda amechokaaaaa

    And what will the other seven potential 'presidents' do or put in place to ensure the above incidences are not repeated ever again? And please do not repost that nonsense about 'Joshua' & his flower girls bringing any real changes. They were all in the previous goverments and we all know about...
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    Jubilee lies

    If kalonzo went....after the directive to import maize within 100 days we the uotp brigade would have run riot here with consipiracies of how kalonzo maybe rutto. maybe RWNEBP . ama mtoto wa chifu ama madvd. .......... All the same KENYA will be a better place WHEN WE ALL STAND UP &...
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    Muthama vs Kalonzo

    Kalonzo compared to Mutua ..... .. Mutua x 10000
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    Muthama vs Kalonzo

    I have stated here before that the people of masinga rejected Kiala, not once but twice. Then when he was elected dep. gavana (without ANY political muscle) he grows some tiny tiny balls because he has the support of muthama then goes to garner 4000+ votes? I will tell you this for free . ...
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    Jubilee lies

    Are you part of the cartel hoarding maize to influence prices????