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  • Netting, wire, single or triple twist
    Netting, welded wire
    Wire mesh for wall reinforcement
    Fabrics, metal wire
    Wire gauze and cloth, steel
    Industrial stacking and shelving
    Racking and shelving, metal, industrial
    Wire, steel, for the building industry
    Non-ferrous metal wires
    Non-ferrous metal wires, stress relieved
    Wire goods, metal
    Gabions, wire mesh
    Shelving, wire
    Electrodes, metal
    Welding electrodes, rods and wire, metal, by using
    Fencing, metal
    Fencing net, wire
    Wire mesh and netting, metal
    Wire mesh, welded
    Wire mesh, woven
    Nets and netting, textile
    Nets for fencing
    Waste bins and waste-paper baskets
    Litter bins, wire
    Sheets and strips, steel, cold rolled
    Stainless steel sheet, perforated, cold rolled
    Steel strip and sheet, perforated, cold rolled
    Metal fibres
    Steel fibres
    Barriers and gates, metal
    Doors, metal
    Doors, metal, sectional
    Steel wires
    Wire, low carbon steel
    Wire, steel, galvanised
    Metal and steel wires,
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