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    Twitter leo imekuwa moto

    Hapo kwa saitoti na ojode ni debatable
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    Lato milk

    This brand of milk is in almost all major shops in western region. Hii si mambo ya ushuru
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    Paul Kobia

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    Vote of thanks. And gloating at @Shamsudin

    0722597956 - Wycliffe
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    Vote of thanks. And gloating at @Shamsudin

    When in kisumu ulizia legy tech garage. You will save some coins as compared to subaru kenya
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    Suzuki Escudo

    If it is mechanically sound with manual transmission then by all means go for it if you have no other choices. Parts can be pricey but ziko
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    BMW X7 Double Cabin Pick-up

    Ugly....very ugly
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    Buying a Car...

    A good german car is a new one. Mitumba ni time bombs
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    Klebsiella at KNH.

    Did you even read the damn story?
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    Klebsiella at KNH.

    Do doctors purchase medical equipment and instruments in a hopspital? Do they sterilize the equipment used within the facility? Do they clean the floors or hospital gowns for the patients? Are they responsible for availability of sufficient drugs within the facility!?
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    Klebsiella at KNH.

    And as is the norm; doctors will be blamed for that
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    Car advice

    Get the forester NA. If you want to have fun while at it get a manual turbo charged forester
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    In the US, toyota camry is very popular

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