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    Si huyu ngeus anapenda mti

    what's wrong with villagers here??
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    are you a beta or alpha, the single mother test.

    this alpha male bullshit is overrated in this kijiji
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    Explicit Randy female MP (photos)

    leta mbicha mjamaa
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    Kenyan government deports fake Jesus, arrests pastors who invited him

    what's wromg with religious people???
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    Why is Africa so poor?

    poor leadership has led to poverty in africa..look at the kinds we have had since independence
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    Sportpesa Investors Tayarisheni Lube - Budget2019

    50% would have been much better
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    Kenya Losing Prime Agricultural Land To Subdivisions ~ Plot Maguta Maguta!

    selling ones own land is crap now???..go concern urself with your own one will bother you
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    Suppose Referendum does happen

    all the talk about new constitution is not meant to benefit the common mwananchi bt few greedy fools who want to gain power by all means
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    Kenya Losing Prime Agricultural Land To Subdivisions ~ Plot Maguta Maguta!

    its their land...they can do as they wish
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    Can a man in Nairobi stick to one woman

    why would any man want to stick to one woman
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    Mnaona aje!

    mecho ni safi
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    Trolls aside, married peeps do you operate joint bank accounts? What % of your income? If high, is it an acceptable risk?

    only fools like you operate or think of operating joint accounts with their wifes...cant trust this kungurus
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    Nimekuwa nikikula baby mama wa karao.

    stay away from that kunguru.thats the only way to be assured of your safety
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    Women will just never be equal to men.

    thats how life goes..
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    Hii ndio mnasifu hapa kila siku?!

    kunguru multiplied