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    How has KTalk impacted your life exclusive of other sites

    I am an immigrant from KLIST. I have learnt, laughed, cursed and been amazed, but as @Nakuru 001 has said "Mnapenda malaya sana"
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    Nostalgia of my first phone from yesteryears

    I had such a phone in the early 2000s. Walking home from the base at night was risky as hell. The ringtone could be heard from miles away..:D:D:D
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    Uchumi mbaya

    Well put, i should say. but... Enigma, you sound like a fellow with experience in such a matter...
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    Drumpf Killed Obama’s Police Reforms. Now He’s Getting What He Asked For.

    Horse shite. Why is it that trump supporters don't see his negative attributes? If he, Trump, had the guts, he would have the best presidency right now considering that his predicessor had made good progress in cleaning up the image of the US, but trump thinks USA is about him, his minions...
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    Men's pubic hair

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    18+ Luthuli Ave reveals its true colours

    Sommerset, unapanda stairs unapewa guard of honour "Ball massage". Ukifurahia saaana, wallet imeenda....
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    Having a Bad Day??

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    1.5 Trillion. What it Can Do. Negros Need to Think

    My 2 cents. Political office is and has been a conduit of the pilferage of public funds. Kenyans are queueing at the "mheshimiwas" for a slice of the pie. We as kenyans only see theft from those not "aligned" to out tribe. (This is ivery visible in african bonobo democracy) We do not audit...
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    How on Earth do very good looking women end up being street hoes

    Hekaya kaka. You fell in love it seems..
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    Looking for a Capacitor - CD293

    Rndy, I bought the DVD Home theatre solution back in 2013. I basically use it for the speakers (Woofer + 4 Sorround).
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    Steps towards prosperous Africa superpower

    Not forgetting our tribal affiliations..
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    Looking for a Capacitor - CD293

    Electronics expert? kunaeza kuwa na job..
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    Looking for a Capacitor - CD293

    Thanks a lot. Will post some pics later of the board and the blown cap.
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    Ile nyangau ya tagged imenichekesha sana..eti bianca

    Mnajifanya hamjaona "Storey Pu**y".