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    Ramaphosa proposes single African currency: AU Summit

    huyu hajui makanyangi wanamwangalia kwa jicho mbaya
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    Man created god....
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    Why I Will Never Stop Listening to Rock

    omwami @10000 OTHERS skiza hii band na ingine hapa
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    RIP Billy Graham

    heheee...hivo ndo alikwambia??
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    RIP Billy Graham

    heheeee.....hakunanga mungu,broh
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    RIP Billy Graham

    lakini yesu alikufa at 33....
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    Which was your most difficult year?

    brasa,i know unaelewa shit nmepitia vizuuuuri...2016 was hell for me but i have @byro and you @10000 OTHERS to thank for being there for me....thank you guys.
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    Genesis 38:8-10

    tsupp clean christian:D:D:D
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    Genesis 38:8-10

    the bible is just another fucked up book...
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    NASA's Cabinet

    Enyewe TMT anajua survival tactics....naona akijiforce kurun against Ruto come twedi twedi tuu
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    Probox accident

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    Awesome Christian Rock Mixx

    hii iko youtube boss
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    Awesome Christian Rock Mixx

    I don't normally listen to christian rock but this one got me like daaaaaaamn it.....its awesome. DeeJay Eddy-grimm
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    NASA's Gameplan

    now baaba wants to unseat himself and hajamaliza mwezi moja tangu akuwe sworn in....