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    Xiaomi firestick vs amazon firestick

    Xiaomi is in the early stages of getting banned by uncle sam. Proceed with caution
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    Redmi 9T

    Very true. Companies like Xiaomi know most of their customers hata hawajui kuna online reviewers or sites like GSMarena. Most of them walk in buy tthe store without knowing which phone they are going to buy and with little persuasion from the sales rep they end up with a Xiaomi and walk away...
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    Xiaomi Mi 11: Top-notch Flagship Specs at $600

    If this is the basis for determining if a phone is great basi hata watu wa techno, infinix na itel wenye wamekuwa na simu zao for 2 years bila shida have the best phones in the world. Kuna watu huamini Infinix are the best phones in the world. Their basis of their argument is similar to yours.
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    Xiaomi Mi 11: Top-notch Flagship Specs at $600

    This is the vanilla version of the phone and it will be looking to unseat the iphone 13 and galaxy s21. Those two devices will weigh no more than 170g. This is close to 200g without even a telephoto. The facts speak for themselves. And the competition from BBK group of companies will be...
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    Xiaomi Mi 11: Top-notch Flagship Specs at $600

    I checked the specs of this phone and besides the processor it doesn't stand out from SD 865 phones. It will be dwarfed by other phones with SD 888 in the next few months. Some of them will even be Xiaomi. Word in the street is if you want a 2021 Xiaomi flagship wait for the Mi 11 pro. Also the...
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    Budget phone

    I would say.. This is better than Xiaomi but siwezi amini safaricom prices
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    Redmi 9T

    Xiaomi is like a talker who uses multiple handles. This is the same device as the Redmi 9 power which is also a Poco M3 with a different designed camera. So nothing new here. Xiaomi only launches like 3 unique phones and then rebrands them to 20 other phones while mixing and matching...
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    Redmi 9T

    North of 15K
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    MY colleague murdered by A Congolese

    I have a Congolese friend who stayed here with us for approx 2 years. So many corporate women hooked up with him. When he couldn't get a job some business woman gave him her apartment and another gave him her business taxi car. The one that was paying rent always demanded a fuckathon after...
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    18+ Jiekee Opinions

    Huyu ni online stripper Ifykyk where to get her.
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    Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G

    No one is disputing this. What I am saying is that your phone is 220g. Granted it has a pop up mechanism which btw was innovated by Vivo/Oppo phones. The point is all Huawei and Oppo phones with the same kind of mechanism and chipset were lighter than the F2 Pro and came with smaller battery...
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    Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G

    And btw @sona moja the Nyamgondho is not a poor man. Far far from it. People who have been here long enough know even the car I drive. Here is a photo of some things on my desk right now. Just added the craftsman drill into the picture for the sake of @hakimoto who is still expecting me to...
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    Xiaomi Mi 10T 5G

    People who have been here long enough know the phones the @Nyamgondho uses. Some of them take my word as the LAW. Let me give you some history of my contribution on this forum because I believe I am the most objective tech analyst on this forum. 1. I was the first one to complain about...
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    Its bad

    Ladies and Gentlemen behold..
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    OPPO Find X3

    And btw people have to keep this in mind all the time. 1. The reason we have phones that charge at 18w and above is because of Oppo's innovation 2. The reason we have better phone displays especially on cheap and midrange phones is because of Samsung's innovation 3. The reason we have fairly...