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    Kagwe team chides 'greedy' 1824 club owner in Langata as revelers fill club in spite of virus

    It will come. Wait long enough.... I now know 3. One dead, one is ICU right now and one recovered and released
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    18+ Diana, Soft and Tight

    People are really funny. I bet you almost everyone in this group is dating, has dated or is married to a girl who is not virgin. There is no shame in getting goods from someone who has been fucked before. Why? Because you have also been laid before :) :) Sema ngwe tuskie
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    Why do people like crowding and crowded places? It makes no sense to me. Nothing is as irritating as crowded spaces:)
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    What are the R.O.E's when it comes to a colleague?

    There are no rules. Just get on with it:D
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    18+ Depreciates faster than Roysambu slay queens...Leteni hekaya

    What evidence do you have? How come your gearbox oil can go 250000km without service? Times have changed bro. Do your investigation better
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    18+ Depreciates faster than Roysambu slay queens...Leteni hekaya

    There is no real good reason to service a modern car every 5000km!! None at all!! But of course most people will recoil at that suggestion, without any substantive reason:)
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    18+ Lillian Muli, the wall is merciless...

    Some women over 40 are hot and have serious libido. Just saying:D Beauty is not a reserve of the youth. Older women look good too in their wrinkling skin. But then again we are different.
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    Land for sale in Karen area,Nairobi .

    :D:D Land prices in Kenya are a big joke. Barely 15 years later 1.5million land is now 30million Maajabu.
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    Does it make sense to pay off your mortgage early?

    Who writes such long articles about such simple things!! Only a mad person can forgo paying a mortgage earlier for the stock market....
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    Car diagnostic Scanner

    :) Buying a thermometer and a stethoscope can never make you a doctor :)Buying a nyundo, saw and nails cant make you a carpenter. It may tell you what is wrong but that is just the beginning of the probe. Good luck though. I too started that way :) Get a cheap one. 5k pekee
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    Konyangi 1 is Behaving Like an Entitled Bitch

    Really funny that now a darling who people could die for three years ago is not being told to go rot in hell. Human beings have no conscience, no stand, no loyalty
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    Kigali: the side you never see on media.

    There is nothing in this world a person or government can do about slums, stupi*! Slums are a necessity for those jobless or underemployed people. Unemployment exists everywhere in the world. And to add to that, some people are unemployed out of choice. What do you do about such? They decide to...
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    Railas son had twins with beautiful secret lover

    What estate did Fidel have. That guy never used to work. Just drink whiskey:D:D Ama ni estate ya RAO that was in Fidel's name:D
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    SGR Is A Loss Making Scam

    True. Those loosing their jobs can move to where the containers are going. It is the brutality of life. Change lazima.
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    SGR Is A Loss Making Scam

    China grew its economy by selling fakes, simple!! Infrastructure by itself does not bring development. Ask people in Baringo :)