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    KRA Begins Mass Pin Deregistration

    Like you said, Kizungu ni muhimu, but most importantly, the press, gutter press and its readers who don't bother to verify are shite :):)
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    Egyptian Mummies Have Nywele Ngumu bt we never talk about it...

    More like it!! We should not care if Jesus was black, we should care what we do with ourselves.
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    Why was Bob Collymore So Secretive?

    You should have brought this up when he was alive. We also own Safaricom shares, probably more than you!! So do hundreds of other shareholders who not once did they ask Bob about his sexual life, leave alone his past, at any of the general meetings. Bure kabisa:):)
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    Why was Bob Collymore So Secretive?

    My sentiments exactly. People instead of bothering with their own sorry (or maybe perfect) lives, spend useless energy seeking out others. What what reason, only Jah might know:) There is so much to do in life, rather than bother about others. But then again....
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    How many wives did Adam have?

    I wonder why the bible cant just explain in simple terms how exactly god created things. But then again how can it when it is all imaginations
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    KRA is run by useless clowns!!! What is your take on this?

    But truth be said, KRA has a point. The story about a business becoming profitable after 3 years is hogwash. If a business is making losses from year one it may never turn a profit. People cook books, KRA is simply trying to close this gap. But it is understandable, no one likes to pay tax.
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    After this Speech, Magufuli was a dead man walking

    What irritates me about some of us is that when a leader does what is expected of them, we make excuses for the corrupt, colonialists etc.
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    Well done, Magufuli

    then we can also do away with county governments, constituencies et al?
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    Yes .rasta

    I rise, early looking ....
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    Racist tube rider in London gets knocked out by a black man

    The bigger question should be why blacks are looked down upon. The day we deal with that we will be better off. Violence wont work. In any case if violence could work we would never have been colonised? Dont we also call whites pigs? :):)
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    Don't buy anything from royal mabati factory.

    Why not buy ready mabati from the hardware?
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    Christinity Debunked, Its Total BullSh!t

    No body knows how the world begin but because we don't know, it is not justification enough to believe in a creator. The thing is that the notion of a creator appears as the most plausible explanation for the beginning. Inspired by god indeed!!

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