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    Moi's problem was education.

    Moi biggest problems are still our current problems.Ask yourself what moi had done wrong before the 1982 coup.Moi did what he did because of our greed so called activists.
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    China is officially the world largest creditor

    What your definition of development.I don't count good road build using a loan development.development means growing the economy for the betterment of common mwanaichi.I country like kenya that can't feed itself is a poor country even if it has the best infrastructure.
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    do as i advice have unlock more than 4 using that method for e173
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    just download qpst its free,install in your machine,connect the modem and press backup,select the firmware of your choice(should be for the given modem) and install then use the backup to return imei number.Its straight forward
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    had posted early try this It takes a lot of reading and try to unlock safaricom and other branded modems but the weird thing is once you do it your surprised by how easy it is.The only thing your need are 3.A firmware that you want to install,Modem unlocker to return the lock count to 10 and...
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    when you learn love is a Grappling your only sure of yourself. Never give more than your willing to loose unless your already married and have kids.
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    Kungu the pilot and his colleagues

    KQ problem start and end with staff.It pays its staff alot of money(well) but earn near nothing.A firm thats making loss and still increasing its staff pay is a bound to fail.It also suffer from too many non core staff .
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    tv on tft

    buy a decoder with vga port instead
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    Blue screen of death

    just do it the tempory way,copy the reg file and insert them into startup menu and your good to go
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    Millionaire cop doesn’t withdraw a cent from his bank accounts

    Legal his explanation make sense but faced with reality and nature of his work it doesn't hold sense for someone to work for years without withdrawing the salary.Such a person doesn't need the job.
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    Unlocking modems

    Then try dc locker
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    School Management Software

    xamp or wamp is an apache server or php server.As for working offline i guess you mean on lan and for that i can assure you it will work
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    School Management Software

    i try it on my pc using xamp and worked okay.Its a webbased and use SQL or mysql for backend but with wamp or xamp your good to go with any pc