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    New Guns

    not really sub machine guns. correct name is machine pistol. They actually consume the 9mm cartridge used in standard hand guns.
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    New Guns

    Saw a lady cop carrying a sparkling new mp5 9mm with a transparent magazine. had to stop and admire.
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    gps driving app

    just use google maps on your phone, switch on location, click driving icon, set your destination and voila, you got accurate road and voice directions to your wherever.
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    Briquettes business

    carbonized imechomwa kama makaa. non carbonized is just compressed dry matter rangi ya raw matereal eg sawdust.
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    Briquettes business

    tried marketing to tea factories? firewood is hard to come by with the forests closed.
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    Sri Lanka hands over port to China to pay off debt

    manufacturing, cheap labor and exports. power is cheap, they have coal.
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    Sri Lanka hands over port to China to pay off debt

    There is another well established in port in sri lanka and two, the Chinese will just run the port but not collect taxes. not such a big deal.
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    Fuel VAT

    What happened to the court orders issued in bungoma?
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    Here she is

    Check your facts. Who trespassed into whose apartment?
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    what does the abstract say? does it absolve you from liability?
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    deal with the cops before the matter reaches the courts. that should be easy if you are not tight fisted.
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    this is the way i would approach the issue. for the insurance company to process your claim, they need a police abstract. the officer handling your case is the key person here and you are lucky the bike owner ran away. talk to him nicely and you can shift blame, if you know what am saying. the...
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    importing from china

    Top marine. Google contacts.
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    Is genuine low vehicle mileage for ex-Japan vehicles a myth?

    besides regular servicing, the only major milestone issue is the timing belt / chain which you change at about 100k mark, and for the ex japs that have done more than that, there is a sticker somewhere in the engine bay indicating the change.