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    I am Sorry ..

    mbinginji imekulwa na ndoggyy!!!
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    Like Windows phones obsolescence....

    very true .but these chinese android tvs are very slow and annoying
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    why tell us about a zambian political advisers minor accident?
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    Boeing’s troubled 737 loses title of world’s most popular jet to Airbus’ A320

    how many passengers in each plane!
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    Is DP engineering a fallout?

    Kwani there's no msap out here who can keep an agreement? #poleuncle
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    Sonko kalamba Mlungula ya Mhindi

    Guyo has done worse to the society than sonko.. Sonko steals but helps the populace.. Guyo steals and funds goons to kill anyone who opposes his 'projects'
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    Explicit SAFISHA CORNEA.... Nani ame pita na hii?

    Atty.. Admin wa buyer beware.. His excellency? Are u sonko or one of his aides?
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    How did they box uhuru to sign up this chief train!! Who did the mazematics and y is sh#t this smelly two years in.. Even after banning local employing trucks
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    Ocean basket sushi iko Tena sana
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    Please help

    Wait.. How fat are u?
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    Samsung A20 Charger

    Pale China ndogo.. Samsung fast charger ni punch
  12. papabingy Nukisheni kitunguu

    Fake stuff all over that site
  13. papabingy Nukisheni kitunguu
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    Ruto is operating at below 30% efficiency.

    its evident that all the presidents we vote for are never given the power anyway! let the pigs vote
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    Ear wax

    mi mende iliingia kwa maskio nkilala kwa bus!! ile nduru nlipiga , the bus had to stop and my situation looked into ASAP!