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    Oya oya...uOG peleka huko mbali kayole mse

    Remember that proggy 'who owns kenya'? Indians were like 60% of the guys who owned the serious companies
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    uchumi ni mbaya

    Refer me there we split the 500
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    is this good news for those who fly or wish to fly?

    Am not flying anytime soon until they give us an option of opening our windows kama tu kwa mathree! Corona si uchafu.
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    Ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister of UAE, Uhuru's plan

    Tikteta in the making, mtajuta kuzaliwa humu nchini!!
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    Why did we borrow with such restrictive conditions ?

    Kenya is hanging by a thread and wanjohi seems not to care, citizens also don't care coz if they were they'd be in the streets asking for a proven financially sound leader
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    Why I Support Ruto

    Ruto for president.. This I support hata kama ni mgondi, ni mgondi wetu na anatugawia MA rupurupu
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    Best Internet provider

    Depends with ur location Check their website out for more details on ur specific location kwanza
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    Garage ya Mwizi sugu kutoka Sugoi

    Ulikuwa unataka atumie mathree?
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    Margaret Kamar; The Thorn in Ruto’s Backyard

    She's not a Prof by mistake m she has done her calculations well and believe u me, she will still be relevant in the next elections
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    Best Internet provider works for me well
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    Eight Nakuru legislators abandon DP William Ruto

    Where is the source to this story
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    Tesla now available

    True, but this is the future man, we will have to embrace it whether we like or not. Even music made these days is crap but life has to go on man and we can't listen to ol skul all our remaining lives!
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    Rigathi Vs kangata

    If uve noticed, most Kenyans are thugs. Get an accident today and see how Kenyans will steal from u. Loot all will steal but as I said earlier, we have no one to rid us of our tribulations and the pending dictatorship apart from le Daktari. When parents want to get something done at a school...
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    Rigathi Vs kangata

    Niccur most of our issues comes from these rich kids who have never seen like we have seen when we grew up, hata loot all akiondoka the likelihood ya we kukanyagwa na hii dynasties will be even worse. Loot all is the only bet we have to remove the untouchables. If he steps down, we gon suffer...
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    Tesla now available

    Bro there are mark Xs around that are lower than this tesla.. Ama unasema range, teslas I presume u know have very good range on their batteries