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    Mbinguni Sio Masomo

    More reason why anybody in their right mind should not be attending church service.
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    Statistics: The art of lies

    In statistics you cannot have data that is 90% of the population so sampling is done and suitable conclusions made. Anything can be inferred depending on the outcome desired by the statician. It's a scam.
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    Damn! eyes are cleansed.

    swaafi sana o_Oo_O
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    The world has no equality

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    This world is wild.

    Kabla Mugabe ajue hajui
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    Gunia Wiki Hii

    Well captured with irreducible minimums
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    Nigerian man gets served pishori rice in pwani

    Kabla Nebuchadnezzar kula nyasi
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    Rechargeable Batteries full of sand! MBWA NYINYI KEBS!

    Umeoshwa na mwosho mmoja tu.. pole sana Kebs don't give a :meffi:
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    Especially for those forex traders that lose money or scrape by

    A @Caveman demanding replies in English?
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    wadau ni kubaya

    Fake news..
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    moneybox lottery con

    The amount is shared among all winners
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    Why is the train ride on SGR to Mombasa now so damn expensive???

    Tata ikuje itoe fair.. kwa SGR fare increase
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    Ktalk downgrade

    The downgrade is real..
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    Manufacturer of blue bold/balls.