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    Cheapest nyam choma?

    Zenye ziko kwa display Zina shida gani?
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    Why I am an Escorter of Women

    Sex is overrated. Obsession in fucking women is worse. Sex addiction is just as bad as drug addiction.
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    Ilete Bana.
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    Operation went Wrong!!!!!

    That is the real soldier.
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    Operation went Wrong!!!!!

    Huyo mama ananikatsia but those men flanking her are worse. A check point is a check point
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    How CEO Sebastian Mikosz And Chairman Michael Joseph Have Led The Looting of KSh1.8 Billion From KQ

    Do you need a tissue when you are done licking ass?
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    This is Guka - A Few, Hard Hometruths..............

    Mzee, the guy has 24 hours right, the same power he holds to award and gift notable men and women, the executive order. There are largely no consequences for thieves. Heck, they don't even need to be smart about it.... Looters are using ground level intelligence to obtain, they are not even...
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    This is Guka - A Few, Hard Hometruths..............

    However we try looking at it, the most powerful man in Kenya, Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta is leading a looting nation. Under his leadership, money is stolen left, right and center.... I hate to think the man is powerless... Truth be told, he will leave the worst legacy.... This is the best lesson...
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    Ati 3 hours. C'mon people.
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    Most Nigerians in Kenya were Wasee wa Ocha na watu mashida shida hivi back in Naija

    Hiyo dawa ya mjuols inaitwa putuluuu..... Sijui spelling.
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    Of campus survival

    The way you've made it thus far.
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    W Where s the link?