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    Nissan skyline250gt Vs nissan fuga250gt

    you know what you saying nigger? fuga and skyline shitty?
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    Do you remember this thread yesterday?

    uko na hio link big man?
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    18+ Single mother in waiting ...Kijana ameingia mitini

    isn't it classical that her sweat pant reads "been there done that"?
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    nv wacha kusumbua elders humbwer tak tak a. ibilisi saitan
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    Cow hide carpet

    they quote 2500 per piece way back in 2019. you can give it a try
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    Car advice

    mafuta tu ndio tafash lakini service iko affordable ukitumia a reliable station
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    Being Rich Is Relative.

    Exactly in the era of jomo the quality was poor as compared to the present times when politicians have helicopters mobile phones
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    What's something sex related you regret doing

    I broke the bro code mahn. I shagged a gf of my friend ule mmetoka high school to campo. It all started at a bash when she pecked me while high nikalenga juu alikua tei sana. Few weeks later her Bf travelled home akakuja kuomba movie i still remember her requesting for the jane the virgin movie...
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    Cow hide carpet

    Look for sheep hide normally sold past limuru after kinungi very soft white and thick. You wont regret
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    Konyagi The Loan-Ranger

    Fridays pre-covid this was the norm
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    Neo colonialism-US warns Kenya over shilling manipulation

    Hii currency ya ya kenya ni volatile sana just last week i was doing a transacion with an exchange rate of 105.8 leo ni 108. 0 something is up...
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    Seth Gor

    Wtf ulijuaje had a bitch who kept telling me out when i lied where i was . maybe you can tell me how she used to do it nichanuke
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    Explicit Tusalimiane elders

    Lakini hii nairobi bora mwanaume aweze kulipa rent, ka moti ya kumzungusha na pesa ya kununua chakula hakuna gheos anaeza kataa
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    Wireless microphone

    Sheet i hope hajawahi wekwa hapa eti watu wasafishe mecho:D:D
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    Longest lasting vehicles in the US.

    Even their good old cadillac escalade doesnt reach 200k. But that suv is so awesome i wouldnt mind getting one if i get those juicy government tenders