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    Ogopa Wanawake - @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii was right !

    Agreed 10 years from now you will be asking WTF was i thinking on the flipside it is women like this who make some men work even more harder making them even more luckier .I know one who befriended her EX on social media after dumping him in his msoto years ndio aone how successful he had become
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    Matatu Driver Kills Traffic Officer After Being Flagged Down on Eastern Bypass

    Agreed huyu dere hata with a rookie state prosecutor this one is a slum dunk ,Evidence ni kibao.. he fled the scene ,was caught a kilometer away after a chase ,fellow cops ndio witnesses ukiongeza the "contraband' he was carrying kwa judge hii ni straight forward
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    Matatu Driver Kills Traffic Officer After Being Flagged Down on Eastern Bypass

    For the mat driver pia yeye ni the end of the road most likely anaface life ndani given ID yake inaaza na 23 huyo yuko 30s....What i dont understand he was carrying PLASTIC CHAIRS hata kama he had broke the law am sure that cop with some little persuasion angeleewa who doesn't have some side hustle.
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    BBI Rally in Mombasa ends prematurely on Baba's orders

    Kile sielewi with raila the likes of kamanda na others from mt kenya have spent their entire lives making sure he is not close to power and when he had it (PM) it was embarrassments galore ,mbona asijulize why are they giving it to him on a silver platter. Very soon he will be discarded once he...
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    Why most beautiful women are still single.

    On the flipside kuna wale pia who get married na juu ni warembo some of them end in very abusive marriages due to suspicions of their spouses
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    Deni ikikosa kulipwa

    There will be no war but their will never be an alliance between any other community in kenya and GEMA even if ruto becomes president what the leaders are making him go thru now after all he did for uhuru hio itaachiwa to the historians add raila,kalonzo mdvd all have fallen to the schemes na...
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    Viusasa is a flop despite endless promotion

    Viusasa like many other digital startups in kenya dont make money lakini when it comes to fundraising na kupewa grants wacha tu.That business plan lazima iko na SWOT analysis ,projections ,market size na other buzz words associated with start ups sasa next ni kuropein investor what i dont know...
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    Good move Sam Shollei!!!!

    Ndio haka Lakini sielewi huyu ni side chick you DO NOT marry her unakombolea yeye apartment unagonga at the time of your liking .Hapa am seeing some serious midlife crisis for shollei
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    Why USA backed out

    well put no one has ever dared attacked the americans hata putin na yule dictator wa north korea the repercussions wacha tu
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    Trump loses, Iran Triumphs!!! Told u!

    Its a new world when US BASES are targeted na hakuna response even if they have zero casualties
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    Trump loses, Iran Triumphs!!! Told u!

    Deliberate by the iranians they could have obliterated those bases if they wanted they had to appease the Iranian people ,but this is far from over
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    He thought he had it in the bag until.......

    This ugandan was so sure and confident that he had bagged it kumbe a sly kandie was lurking behind ,looking content with second place... he had other ideas :D:D:D:D:D
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    Pale America, California: Homelessness ‘at crisis level’ with uptick of 16.4% this year alone!

    This documentary.....................We have people in california with jobs but sleeping in their cars
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    On Ruto from deep state

    Ruto defining moment is when he decides to name his running mate hapo 2022 hi ingine yote ni kelele .Hewiil need to cut a deal with GEMA so that he can give out the position to other regions on this he must have uhuru total support, Any equation without GEMA in the picture {DP) will probably...
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    If you applied for Green Card Lottery...

    This year only 1800 kenyans were selected in the draw that came out in may another thing processing a US visa si kitu hivi hivi especially if you have ever applied before any conflicting details and you are out na pesa yako imeenda 1,800 Kenyans win 2020 Green Cards, one of its lowest in years

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