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    Do Kenyans In Diaspora Regret Relocating?

    One tough thing na US you cannot work past a certain age but circumstances demand you have to work to pay your bills i have seen old guys past 70 doing the same job na 20 year olds hii kitu inatisha wakenya wengi hence investing back home at least ukuwe comfortable in your sunset years
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    Do Kenyans In Diaspora Regret Relocating?

    it depends on the circumstances ilikuleta majuu na status yako kama ulikuwa msoto then sidhani kuna any regrets if you work hard unanunua gari ,you can live in a good neighborhood depending ile state uko [ia unaweza kwamua watu home basically you can see the fruits of your labour .if you have...
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    How does media like Al Jazeera make money?

    Africa pekee ndio imebaki juma when it comes to propaganda machines which was for a long time dominated by the british courtesy of BBC then came the americans with CNN hizi mbili zimeshape foreign policy in many countries their was a time some of their correspondents walikuwa CIA but not...
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    Nostalgia 1980s, 1990s

    Kuna hii kitu inakuaga ndani ya pekeelee ya coke ama fanta tulikuwa tunatowa then tunacheza "pumas' una zi stuck up pamoja then you hit the floor with palm of your hand those that toss over ni zako.
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    I cant handle a rejection

    Mimi kuna dame fulani nili reject years back siku hizi namuonaga tu kwa gazeti ni kachairlady fulani the level she is today wacha tu that postion enables her to interact with who is who kwa society.I still vividly remember her wiping tears when i ignored her never saw her again until i stumbled...
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    Kibra Byelection will be hot

    Nominations will be very interesting for both jubilee and ODM .I see ODM infiltrating jubilee nominations handing mariga a first round knockout the infighting in jubilee makes it worse for him. For ODM the less said the better , most candidates going their own direction na wafuasi wake splitting...
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    Denied visa

    This is a sad story of how immigrants unwaeza jipata kwa kona mbaya Innocent man spent months in jail for bringing honey back to United States...
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    It is possible that a "Kenyan resident" is behind Air TZ woes.

    Is this the same fella
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    Denied visa

    Visit facebook page ya hiyo embassy uoone how guys are angry apart from bring denied a visa pesa yako imepotea hivyo and they also have your details woe unto you if the next application kuna discrepancies. Despite the disappointments that embassy is ever busy
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    The Cycle of life

    They are probably documenting their lives on social media particularly facebook ungekuwa unawajuwa majina 5 years sio mbali
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    Moving To Kenya From the States

    You cannot live past a certain age majuu who will take care of you when everybody has bills to pay once you realise this unaanza kujipanga mapema not investing in yourself only but others back home kama unaweza jitolea kusomesha mtoto mmoja wa extended family tuma ka kakitu when requested...
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    Chaos in Kangemi

    hakiangai the more things change the more they remain the same i remember back in 07 tukipigania ma job za elections clerks pale kenya science dagoretti corner that was 12 years ago complains were the same nepotism ,corruption etc.Hawa wa kangemi may be walikuwa primary school then and nothing...
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    Immigrants wenye wanatumia govt welfare siku yenu imefika

    if you are applying for an immigrant visa then things just got elephant they will considering a totality of factors vitu kama masomo,health ,age ,how well you speak english etc given how strict they were then america kuingia ni ngumu.America is slowly moving to merit based immigration
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    8-4-4 vs IGCSE

    Taking your kids to highend schools unafaa kuwa umejipanga vizuri i know a tragic case where the dad was a top executive bahati mbya akakuwa mgonjwa and he passed on the fees was unsustainable given they were 3 kids unapata ni 400K plus per semester i dont know what happened but the wife was...
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    Biden vs. Trump 2020, Drumpf Wins

    The whispers all over are trump will win but turnout will be key he has to energize his base my predictions he will loose the popular vote lakini electoral college ni yake