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    The Prodigal Son

    Kindly take your two mins. Members to welcome Prof. Jakihii back with the latest Kijiji Update.It Alot has happened but thank God im back on my feet(True Story for another day) What have i missed. Any News about my K.List Sworn Enemy F. Magui?, Did Atwoli coming in through the front door, What...
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    how ave u been???

    when was the last time she scrubbed her feet? anakaa kuwa na zika virus
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    Ndo kuamuka...Mzito ameamuka..waaaah

    Unaamka kutupigia story za ur last nite wet dreams
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    Now that Waikulu has resigned, Baba is desperate for attention and can do anything to attract it. Kesho utaskia his life is in danger ama Umbwa ya kalonzo imetumia a threatening message
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    His mum is happier today than she was 3 years ago
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    whats the most frustating job you've ever done?

    Haiya! the answers have made me realize that the last time i wore a tie was in high school. As for suit, sijawai vaa ata siku moja in my 38 years of life
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    DFHKM Zari

    i wonder what a young successful man sees in a pussie that has been to labor ward thrice ! That pelvic bone is already loose regadress of what the face looks like!
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    Heartless con man... Joseph Wanjau aka Alejandro Wanjau. (Hope Foundation)

    And some idiots will buy his shit!
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    Heartless con man... Joseph Wanjau aka Alejandro Wanjau. (Hope Foundation)

    I had a feeling from the beginning this guy ws a crook,We even argued with my friend when i pointed out that huyu amaa sio genuine and is only after his self gains.Now i will show him this post
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    Life at Nyumba ya Wazee- CoachP toa Maoni

    Mimi nilikua hapo kikuyu day.
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    Legend club in Rongai on fire

    @kush yule mnono , most of the times you sound like an idiot.Try to take your time before commenting . Tunajua wewe ni mjiga but stop working so hard to proof the fact
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    Origin of Names of Towns and Locations in Kenya.

    banana.. u are wrong on this one. It was named after the stiff hill climb from Ndenderu(Rwaka River) to Karuri . The hill has a Banana like curve. Hence the name
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    Harry Thuku

    so this chomdley or is it kimodori guy inherited the muder genes from the great grand father
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    Are we rapists?

    spot on!